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Supporting the John Muir Trust, for wild lands and wild places
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12 March 2014
Supporting the John Muir Trust, for wild lands and wild places
John Muir (1838-1914), the Scottish born founder of the modern conservation movement who was influential in founding several of America's national parks, is quoted as saying ‘All that the sun shines on is beautiful, so long as it is wild.' 01-JMT-581-black-rgbSo why "go wild"? At Macs Adventure, we believe that wild places and landscapes are essential for wildlife, for allowing nature to flourish, and for the spiritual and physical well-being of humankind, and we're delighted to announce Macs Adventure's membership of the John Muir Trust http://www.jmt.org/.

The John Muir Trust

The trust takes inspiration from John Muir, and believes in protecting wild land, for its own sake. They own and care for some of Britain's finest and most spectacular wild places (including Ben Nevis and part of the Cuillin on Skye), protecting and nurturing the environments, restoring natural habitats, defending land under threat, and educating through the John Muir Award. But this beautiful video is far more eloquent than us in explaining the ethos... John Muir Trust - Essential Wildness from DX Films on Vimeo. We hope that we can support their efforts and spread the important message that wild places need protection for the benefit of us all, whether animal, vegetable, or mineral! We are planning to take part in some important conservation work as a team soon, so watch this space!

How can you help or get involved?

  • Visit the Wild Space Visitor Centre in Pitlochry: If you're exploring Highland Perthshire, drop in to check out the fascinating exhibition centre and gallery.
  • Volunteer: Participate in a conservation work party, or there are local groups across the UK with whom you can participate in events, or even start your own group.
  • Get Your Award!: The John Muir Award is an educational initiative open to anyone and everyone. In a spirit of fun, adventure and exploration, the award encourages and supports anyone keen to connect with and care for wild places.
  • Raise Funds: Donate, take part in a fundraising event, or leave a legacy in your will.
You can read more about all the ways to get involved with the John Muir Trust, including membership, here http://www.jmt.org/support-us-get-involved.asp Find out more about Macs Adventure and the John Muir Trust on Macs Adventure's website. Or, find out more about walking the John Muir Way, inspired by the life of the man himself.
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