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Taking care of Hadrian's Wall: Protecting the wall and path
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10 May 2021
Taking care of Hadrian's Wall: Protecting the wall and path

Walking the Hadrian's Wall Path or cycling along the final frontier of the Roman Empire, is a pretty special experience. Connecting at first hand with a piece of history, you'll walk or bike the length of Hadrian's Wall (built by the Emperor Hadrian in A.D. 122), and see some remarkably well preserved sections of this ancient monument. Some sections sadly do not remain, which makes it very clear that we need to do everything we can to preserve what is left of the wall for future generations to enjoy. Hadrian's wall has stood for almost 2000 years, a sturdy beast and a testament to the engineering skills of our ancestors!

Walking on the path near Hadrian's Wall

Although it may not seem that a few footsteps could make much impact, bear in mind that thousands walk the path each year (or visit it along the cycleway), and what you think is just one step / touch could add up to the erosion of thousands of feet / hands in just one year, not to mention the decades or centuries ahead! Please follow these guidelines, and make sure you walk Hadrian's Wall Path or pedal Hadrian's Cycleway sustainably and responsibly, with conservation in mind.

Hadrian's Wall Itself

  • Do not walk on the wall.

  • Do not lean against the wall.

  • Do not stand or sit on the wall, or lean your bike on it. It is tempting to use this as a photo opportunity, but please resist and make do with posing on the path next to the wall. Get creative with your camera shots, trying different angles over or through the wall instead, for some fun results!

  • Do not move any stones (no matter how small) on or from the wall, and leave maintenance to the experts.

Walking the Hadrians Wall Path

Everywhere you step on the Hadrian's Wall Path could be archeologically important, so please take care:

  • Follow signposted paths and routes.

  • Avoid worn patches of path.

  • ALWAYS take your litter with you (including food waste) and leave no trace.

  • Keep gates closed behind you.

  • If you walk with a dog, keep it under control.


Be creative with your camera angles instead of resting or leaning on the wall, for some great effects.

You will love the experience of walking alongside Hadrian's Wall and its history. Please make sure you do everything you can to ensure it is there for future generations to enjoy, and who knows, maybe in 2000 years your descendants will follow the same path, wondering about their ancestors who did the same! For more information on the history of Hadrian's Wall, visit English Heritage.

To walk the Hadrian's Wall Path on a self-guided walking or cycling holiday, browse our Hadrian's Wall Path itineraries or contact hello@macsadventure.com to chat to our friendly team.

This post is updated from a 2014 blog post.

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