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David's Bike & Boat, Mantova to Venice
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07 July 2016
David's Bike & Boat, Mantova to Venice

Allegedly, people told the guys behind the ‘Italy Bike and Boat’ that they were mad setting it up in the first place, with a small Dutch barge, just back in 2009. “It will never work, who wants to cycle around and spend a holiday on a boat”. Hundreds of happy customers filling the cabins of not one, but two boats, in each of the last six years since their inception. So, what can one actually expect on a cycle tour like this?

Cycling along the waterfront

Actually, it would be better to ask "What’s not to like about this Italy bike and boat: Mantova to Venice?" Organised, straightforward, easy, cycling fun? Check. Plentiful on-board dining from great breakfast variety through to fine dining Italian style; like fresh fish and mouth-watering pasta? Check. A vibrant, sociable and relaxed atmosphere to enjoy camaraderie with fellow bike and boaters? Definitely. The warm, fuzzy feeling of sipping a well-earned drink while sailing under to the cultural hot-spot of Venice? Absolutely. Not forgetting the ease of it all - never having to pack and unpack at end of each cycling day? You betcha.

Cycling at your own pace

The final result is, undoubtedly, the perfect trip for any would-be vacation cyclist. For even the most tentative, apprehensive, or reluctant person hopping on that bike for the first time in a few months, or even several years, you needn't worry. The tour is so well thought out and planned, with enjoyable and straightforward 'easy-osey' cycling that is suitable for everyone. Furthermore, being on the bike is actually just a small part of what many people would constitute as everything great, such as the aforementioned features from this particular wonderful week's sailing on a terrific boat, that you need to enjoy a lovely, relaxing holiday.


Jo Payne

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Jo Payne
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