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Team Travels: David’s Bike & Boat, Mantova to Venice

7 Jul , 2016  

Allegedly, people told the guys behind the ‘Italy Bike and Boat’ that they were mad setting it up in the first place, with a small Dutch barge, just back in 2009. “It will never work, who wants to cycle around and spend a holiday on a boat”.  Hundreds of happy customers filling the cabins of not one, but two boats, in each of the last six years since their inception.

So, what can one actually expect on a cycle tour like this? Actually, it would be better to ask “What’s not to like about this Italy bike and boat: Mantova to Venice?”

Organised, straightforward, easy cycling fun? Check.

Plentiful on-board dining from a great breakfast variety through to fine dining Italian style; like fresh fish and mouth-watering pasta? Check.

A vibrant, sociable and relaxed atmosphere to enjoy camaraderie with fellow bike and boaters? Definitely.

The warm, fuzzy feeling of sipping a well-earned drink while sailing under to the cultural hot-spot of Venice? Absolutely.

Not forgetting the ease of it all – never having to pack and unpack at end of each cycling day? You betcha.


The final result is, undoubtedly, the perfect trip for any would-be vacation cyclist. For even the most tentative, apprehensive, or reluctant person hopping on that bike for the first time in a few months, or even several years, you needn’t worry. The tour is so well thought out and planned, with enjoyable and straightforward ‘easy-osey’ cycling that is suitable for everyone.

Furthermore, being on the bike is actually just a small part of what many people would constitute as everything great, such as the aforementioned features from this particular wonderful week’s sailing on a terrific boat, that you need to enjoy a lovely, relaxing holiday.


David joined Macs Bike Italy Bike & Boat: Mantova to Venice in April 2016. Trip cost starts from £875.



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Rebelling against British seaside holidays, I left the UK with my grubby backpack almost 20 years ago to explore Asia and Australia. Returning home some 18 months later, working in the adventure travel industry was a natural progression. I continued life on the road for several years working as a freelance guide across South America, Asia, Europe and Australia and was also tasked with the exciting job of launching and managing a small charity in Zambia. From working on a cattle station in Australia’s remote Kimberley region, through to cycling in the French Alps, I’ve always loved meeting the memorable characters and challenging encounters my job brings! Eventually settling back into the UK, I started on a career managing and developing walking and cycling holidays across the globe and have recently found myself in the ‘saddle’ with Macs Adventure with the lucky role of creating cycling holidays. From cycling European mountains passes through to riding across the San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, for me wheels are the best method to discover a destination.