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Macs Sponsors Friend&'s of Nevis
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22 May 2009
Macs Sponsors Friend&'s of Nevis
Macs Adventure is proud to announce our sponsorship of Friend's of Nevis the charity dedicated to preserving and protecting Ben Nevis and the surrounding area. We have helped hundreds of clients climb Ben Nevis and I personally have climbed Ben Nevis over 100 times, hence Ben Nevis and the surrounding area is very close to my heart. We are supporting Friend's of Nevis through financial contributions, staff volunteer days, raising awareness with our clients, guides and website visitors and giving all our clients the opportunity to donate £2 per person at the time of booking. We launched our partnership with Friend's of Nevis with a volunteer day in April, where Ewan, Kath and I helped repair a section of the Ben Nevis Path. [caption id="attachment_20" align="alignleft" width="480" caption="Martin, Kath and Ewan after a hard days work"]Martin, Kath and Ewan after a hard days work[/caption] Our support of Friend's of Nevis is part of our Responsible Travel Policy and we hope that you will join us in helping to protect and preserve Ben Nevis, one of Scotland's iconic landscapes. We are still working out the details but hope to have details of our planned volunteer weekends available on our website soon. To get a good idea of what is involved why not view our photo album from our first Ben Nevis volunteer day.

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