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The Best Waterproof Jackets of 2011
3 Min Read
29 November 2011
The Best Waterproof Jackets of 2011
When it comes to waterproof jackets there are a few of the best that really stand out from the rest for under £100. So here is the Macs Adventure guide to the best waterproof jackets of 2011 for casual walkers. A waterproof jacket is an essential addition to anyone’s rucksack or work bag. Light, packable and fast fitting, a good waterproof jacket will not only provide waterproof protection but me comfortable and suitably stylish. We also recommend having one if you’re coming on one of our walking holidays. However, being affordable is also an important factor. While there are waterproof jackets which cost hundreds of pounds only the most dedicated outdoor enthusiasts should have any need for these. So bearing this in mind, we've selected our 5 best waterproof jackets within a £100 budget. Because you can’t justify spending more than that on a waterproof jacket if you’re just going for a walk. Our selection of waterproof jackets range from offering the bare essentials to features that enhance technical performance and comfort as well as style. However, waterproofing, windproofing, breathability, lightweight comfort and fit are always the most important factors in our decisions. ProClimate Waterproof Jacket The perfect ‘just in case’ waterproof jacket for those sudden downpours, a ProClimate jacket isn't going to be winning any beauty contests, but it’s light and easily packs down into any daypack, work bag or rucksack. Also, at this price point we’re confident that you won’t find a better waterproof jacket with the bare essentials for less. HiGear Downpour 3-in-1 Jacket More than just a waterproof jacket, you actually get a fleece inside this one as well, making it a 3-in-1 jacket. But for when the weather’s cold, wet and windy and you’re on a budget it’s a smart purchase. Also, the fleece is cut to fit perfectly with the jacket so that the two move in unison. The fleece liner is easily removed for warmer weather while the waterproof jacket seams are taped for complete protection and added wind resistance. Finally, a full length zip allows for fast fitting and the hood volume can be easily adjusted to perfectly fit your head. Berghaus RG1 Waterproof Jacket One of the most popular Berghaus jackets. The Berghaus RG1 is highly versatile and weighs just 540g. So not only is it incredibly light in weight, it’s also hard wearing, completely waterproof, windproof and highly breathable with an inner liner to wick away excess moisture. Although we would recommend wearing a fleece underneath for when the weather turns really cold. Lastly, the hood neatly rolls up into the back of the collar while the two outer zip pockets have micro fleece lining inside to keep your hands toasty warm. North Face Resolve Waterproof Jacket Also one of the most popular North Face jackets. For the same price as the Berghaus RG1 this North Face Resolve is a little thicker, a little heavier and a bit warmer. It’s incredibly similar to its Berghaus equivalent, being lightweight and breathable as well as completely windproof and waterproof with a moisture wicking inner linings keep you cool and dry. However, the cut of this jacket tends to be more fitted. Depending on your specific requirements from a waterproof jacket, it could come down to a choice of which brand you prefer. Sprayway Nyx Waterproof Jacket Only just within our £100 budget, the Sprayway Nyx is a more serious waterproof jacket for people seeking top quality comfort for all weathers. As a fully features waterproof jacket, the Nyx is completely waterproof, windproof and highly breathable moisture wicking mesh lining as part of its Gore-Tex hard shell, which also dries off very quickly.  It also has plenty of large pockets as well as a fixed two way adjustable hood which rolls down neatly into the back of the collar.  So if you’re wearing this and get caught in a storm, we’re confident that you’ll have nothing to worry about! Conclusion We can appreciate that there’s an overwhelming number of waterproof jackets available, so by highlighting the best waterproof jackets on a £100 budget we hope that we've made choosing easier for you. Overall, we felt that the Hi Gear 3-in-1 was a great choice because it was so affordable while being very comfortable with a fully adjustable hood and a removable fleece liner. Otherwise it’s a battle of the brands between the Berghaus RG1 and the North Face Resolve. They are both excellent choices, but we do expect more traditionally outdoor minded people to choose the Berghaus RG1 while those who are more fashion minded with definitely go for the North Face Resolve. Regardless of whatever waterproof jackets you decided upon, we definitely recommend having one handy if you’d like to come on one of our walking holidays! We picked all of our mens waterproof jackets from gooutdoors.co.uk, because they have a huge selection on sale both online and in their stores nationwide.

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