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The Joys of Solo Walking in the Lake District
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24 September 2010
The Joys of Solo Walking in the Lake District

I have just returned from a wonderful few days in the Lake District where I enjoyed the marvellous hospitality of some of our lovely B&B's and hotels in this area and a few days walking. However, what really made this holiday is the people I met along the way! I was keen to test out a couple of sections of our Coast to Coast walks and while I was apprehensive at first about striding out alone, I had no need to worry! First of all Rachael at Gillercombe Bed and Breakfast in Longthwaite (who is a fountain of local knowledge and the perfect example of what Lake District hospitality should be all about!) was kind enough to introduce me to Bobby, Emily, Cliff and Debbie - a group of American walkers tackling the full Coast to Coast - who were kind enough to adopt me into their family for that day's walk from Rosthwaite to Grasmere - and what a walk it is! The views from Helm Crag are outstanding and the tough climb up there was rewarded by being able to share this with fellow walkers who had tackled the challenge with me.

I then tackled Grasmere to Patterdale (would definetely recommend the break in Grasmere -    it's   a long slog otherwise!) and was very encouraged to meet my new fellow walkers for the day - Nigel, Dee and Chrys - who were local to the area and regularly do day walks in the area. I've got to say when the mist came down over Grisedale Tarn and I could barely see 10ft in front of me, I feel I may have become very disheartened if it wasn't for their lovely company and reassurance so a big thank you to them for making my day! Despite the horrible rain and clouds (typical Lake District weather!), we spurred each other on and by the time we got to Patterdale the sun was shining and we were all feeling very energised.

Of course, it was not just the people who I met while walking that made my experience more enjoyable. The B&B owners along the Coast to Coast are very knowledgeable about the area, and their warm welcomes and hospitality made the trip even more enjoyable - Neil and Susan at the Royal Oak in Rosthwaite, Rachael at Gillercombe in Longthwaite, Ian at Old Water View in Patterdale and Richard and Mike at Chestnut Villa in Grasmere were all perfect hosts who couldn't do enough to help and really helped to make this trip! So to anybody out there who is hesistant about walking solo, I wouldn't let it put you off - I am sure like myself you will be lucky enough to bump into plenty of other fellow walkers and I am sure you will agree that it is the stories you hear from different people as well as the variety of different people you will meet that will play a huge contribution into making your trip! If you are inspired to do some walking in the English Lake District why not consider the English Coast to Coast Walk or Cumbria Way Walk.


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