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Today is Cycle to Work Day
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03 September 2015
Today is Cycle to Work Day
Did you cycle to work today? Did you make a special effort today or do you always cycle to work? The special annual Cycle to Work Day is supported by Denise van Outen and Cyclescheme. The national event on September 3 aims to encourage more people to travel by bike and especially to their place of work. [caption id="attachment_17817" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Cycle To Work Day calls on people to make pledges to cycle more. Cycle To Work Day calls on people to make pledges to cycle more.[/caption] According to data, 760,000 people in the UK cycle to work regularly and while this number grows steadily, the Cycle to Work Day campaign is calling on even more people to ride their bikes to the office. By 2021, the project hopes to see one million people regularly commuting to work by bike. In both 2013 and 2014, tens of thousands of commuters hit the streets and cycled more than a half million miles for Cycle to Work Day.

Macs Adventure staff cycle to work

[caption id="attachment_17815" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Ewan and Sarah cycled to work today! Ewan and Sarah cycled to work today![/caption] At the Glasgow office, two staff members, Ewan and Sarah, took advantage of two wheels to get to work today. Sarah, the Destination & Adventure Manager with the Europe Team, cycles around two miles to work each day. She says: “It takes about 15 minutes to ride to work and I’m lucky because it is along a canal cycle path so it’s traffic free and a very pleasant journey. “I commute by bike because it is so much quicker than other forms of transport. I get more time in bed in the morning and I find it is an easy way to incorporate some exercise in to my daily routine.” Ewan’s commute is 12 miles each way so he usually rides to the office and gets the train home. The Marketing Executive for Macs Adventure says: “I commute by bike as it is quicker than the bus. I usually overtake two of the buses I would normally take. This is not because I am a fast cyclist but because I don’t have to wait in queues of traffic during busy commuter times. “Cycling is also free and I get fit without actually feeling like I am doing anything.” Ewan feels far more awake when he arrives at work after his bike ride. He says: “My brain is far more engaged and alive when I arrive at work by bike rather than dozing on a bus, or wishing the stops away on a train. “The ride is often filled with lovely wee sights, such as wildlife and the sun hitting our local hills, the Campsies. It’s these moments that enrich your life and make the cycle to work a no-brainer for me.” The office at Macs Adventure also has two spare bikes that staff can use for enjoying a bike ride at lunchtime or a weekend ride.

6 great reasons to cycle to work

Cycling to work is great for your health, wealth and the planet. If you live too far away from your office to ride all the way, why not consider cycling part of the journey? You could make use of a growing number of city hire bikes or take a fold-up bike on the train or in the car and then ride some of the route. If you have a longer commute you could ride one way one day and get the train or bus home. Then, on another day, cycle your bike home having got the train or bus to work. Anyway, while you have a think about that here are six great reasons to cycle to work. For happiness: Cycling is a great way to get fit, which is linked to improved self-esteem and confidence. Spending time outdoors has been shown, through research, to boost mental well-being. Sunlight is also a major contributor to boosting the feel-good hormone serotonin. So a cycle commute to work has all kinds of happy factors! Longer life: Research shows that people who exercise regularly are at significantly lower risk of cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, all types of cancer, high blood pressure and obesity. Money saver: According to the RAC, the yearly cost of car ownership in the UK is almost £6000 and most of this is because of fuel. Public transport also requires you to spend money. Yet once you own a bike it’s free to use and the cost of repairs and maintenance is far less than owning a car. To lose weight: Cycling is a very effective cardiovascular form of exercise, which helps to keep you weight down. Cycling also improves the body’s metabolic rate – the efficiency with which it burns calories and fat – so you will be burning calories while sat at your desk after your morning cycle commute. It’s green: Making cars, buses and trains, using petrol and taking public transport all have a cost on the environment. In contrast, cycling produces zero pollution in terms of CO2 emissions. A study also found that if all commutes in England less than five miles were completed by bike instead of car they would save a collective 44,000 tonnes of CO2 every week, the equivalent of heating 17,000 houses. For new opportunities: If you are cycle-fit you will be able to enjoy a growing number of cycle club rides, sportives and perhaps book a Macs Bike holiday! It would be great to hear about your cycle commute to work.

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