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Top cycle holidays for 2017
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08 September 2016
Top cycle holidays for 2017
As summer turns to autumn, and the weather becomes less cycling friendly in the UK, why not cheer yourself up by making plans for next year’s fabulous overseas cycling holiday? We take a look at some great holiday ideas for  2017.

Cycling holidays with the family

[caption id="attachment_19376" align="aligncenter" width="650"]Bike and boat trips are great for families. Bike and boat trips are great for families.[/caption] Try a bike and boat holiday. It’s a great comfort to know that your overnight accommodation is nearby and travelling with you. Another advantage is that there are more options for cycling less and travelling more by boat if that’s what you fancy. Favourites to try in 2017 include Croatia Bike & Boat, Italy Bike & Boat and Balearics Bike & Boat.

Easier cycling holidays

shutterstock_213304663-1 If you fancy a cycling holiday but you are worried about being fit or strong enough you could choose an e-bike holiday. These offer easier-going days in the saddle plus an extra battery powered boost for the hills or to complete greater daily distances.

Cycling for wine connoisseurs

large-2 Visit famous wine cellars and cycle through landscapes of stunning vineyards on a cycling holiday that combines leisurely rides with wine gems. Think Provence, Burgundy, the Dordogne, the Loire and Porto among many other wine-themed cycling holidays. It’s hard to choose a favourite so we’ll let you browse.

Cycle holidays for beer lovers

large-3 If your idea of a heavenly cycling holiday is bikes and beer, the Bicycle Beer Trail of Bavaria could be the perfect choice. Cycle through the best of Bavaria’s Franconian brewing towns where your hardest decision each day will be choosing which of the many local brews to sample.

Trips for keen riders

large-5 Conquer famous mountain climbs and longer-distance road routes on a range of road cycling holidays created for keen riders.

For great adventures

[caption id="attachment_19373" align="aligncenter" width="650"]A cycling holiday in New England might be just the thing for 2017. A cycling holiday in New England might be just the thing for 2017.[/caption] Take your cycling holiday aspirations outside of Europe for worldwide adventures. America offers many exciting possibilities and China is sure to beguile cyclists who love stunning landscapes.

If you really can’t wait...

[caption id="attachment_19371" align="aligncenter" width="650"]Cycling in the winter in Mallorca. Cycling in the winter in Mallorca.[/caption] If next summer seems too far away, why not head off for an early season trip on a winter sun cycling holiday?

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