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Tour du Mont Blanc, The Best Moments of 2016

18 Oct , 2016  

As part of our #MacsMoment contest in 2016, our adventurers shared some memorable and very inspiring moments, here we have put together the best of the pictures from the Tour du Mont Blanc.


Early season snow, beyone Col-du-Bonhomme.
#MacsMoment by Bert Dempsey

The start of the 2016 season featured snow, and more snow (later in the year than usually expected). The season runs from mid-June to mid-September but you should always bear in mind that the weather has a mind of its own. If you’re not comfortable bringing your crampons, aim for later in July or August.

Argentiere Glacier - Tour du Mont Blanc

View of the Argentiere Glacier.
#MacsMoment by Tom Singleton

Lac Blanc

Julie Flanagan won August’s #MacsMoment prize with this shot at Lac Blanc

Mel Seale, Tour du Mont Blanc

Expect plenty of jump for joy moments. Thanks to Mel Seale for this particular one.

Storm over the alps

You can’t have sunshine all the time, and stormy skies are a beautiful antidote.
Espen Holje’s #MacsMoment

When you need to reconnect with family spread across the globe, we love that Ritsuko Maeda (from Australia) met up with her sister (from Japan) in France to spend time together doing the Tour du Mont Blanc. Adventure reunions are surely the perfect way to connect.

Sisters on the Tour du Mont Blanc

Sisters reunited. #MacsMoment by Ritsuko Maeda

Thumbs Up

Sums it up perfectly.
#MacsMoment by Ritsuko Maeda

Taking in the view

Moments like these……
#MacsMoment by Ritsuko Maeda

Expect more take-your-breath-away moments than you can count.

Across Val Veni

Across Val Veni.
#MacsMoment by Espen Holje

Lake view, Tour du Mont Blanc

Picture postcard moments at every turn.
#MacsMoment by Marisa Witte

Refugio Bonatti

It’s like someone painted a masterpiece outside your bedroom window!
#MacsMoment at Refugio Bonatti by Steve Grant

Alpine cows on the Tour du Mont Blanc

Make sure you stop to say hello to the locals.
#MacsMoment by Sandy Wasserman

Thanks to everyone who shared their TMB moments of 2016. If the Tour du Mont Blanc is resting comfortably in your bucket list, now is the time to dust of that dream and make it a reality for 2017!

View various Tour du Mont Blanc itineraries on our website, and don’t hesitate to contact Macs Adventure’s specialists on [email protected].

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