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Frances McCann
Frances McCann

Travelling to Nepal - After the Earthquakes

Nepal continues to recover and rebuild following the devastating earthquakes of April & May 2015, and remains one of the world's most magical destinations, with a strengthened heart and soul which any adventurer should experience at least once. 1.kd.53.Trail-scene-4 In October 2015, experts gave the green light for travellers to return, and the FCO advice on travelling to most regions, including popular destinations such as Annapurna and Everest was relaxed, no longer advising against non-essential travel (except to some far northern regions of the country). Some of the most popular historic sites are sadly of course damaged, and travellers should not go expecting things to be "back to normal", but we welcome the re-opening of Nepal to tourism wholeheartedly. The country depends and thrives on the tourist industry, and the special qualities of the people, communities, and landscapes which are at the heart of the Nepal experience remain exactly the same. [caption id="attachment_18488" align="aligncenter" width="225"]Breakfast at Himalaya Lodge Macs Adventure's Katie enjoys breakfast with a view on her 2014 trip[/caption] Our local representatives have checked all routes and the accommodations, and we are pleased to say that we can offer all of our itineraries including the iconic Everest Base Camp Trek, the Annapurna Sanctuary Trek, and the more laid back Annapurna Foothills. [caption id="attachment_18484" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Prayer flags - Annapurna Prayer flags - Annapurna[/caption] Now more than ever, Nepal needs the support of travellers and adventure lovers of all kinds, and we would encourage anyone thinking of experiencing the spirit and essence of Nepal to seriously consider being part of that rebuilding process, by going for it! 9.kd.46.Kids-on-Trail A detailed assessment report on the Annapurna region is available, and a comprehensive report on the Everest region will also be available soon. Should anyone considering travel require details of these reports, or have any questions or concerns at all, please do contact us. Considering a trip? You can view our range of itineraries in Nepal, or contact info@macsadventure.com for any advice.
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