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Traverse Time & Space On Our Latest Alpine Walking Tour
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21 May 2013
Traverse Time & Space On Our Latest Alpine Walking Tour

Chemin_planetes_St-LucBrand new from Macs Adventure: the Tour of the Val d’Anniviers is a Swiss alpine valley tour offering beautiful vantage points on a lesser known route through French-speaking Switzerland. This walking tour offers the rather unique chance of visiting the astronomical observatory L’Observatoire François-Xavier Bagnoud, which is open to the public allowing the amateur astronomer to test out professional equipment to view the wonders of the cosmos. The alpine conditions here offer optimum observatory potential. The itinerary takes you to St Luc, when you simply must take the opportunity to walk the 6km “Chemin des planètes" or “planetary way”. Travel light years of time and space, all in a day’s relaxed alpine walking! The path begins at the “Sun”, and as you to walk past scale artworks of all of the solar system’s planets placed at their relative distances from the Sun, each metre you stride represents one billion metres of space. Don’t miss Pluto; sadly now downgraded from planet status, but still the shining star at the end of the path! Moulins_St-LucThe Val d’Anniviers is a 7 night & 8 day self guided walking tour. It is graded moderate which means it is has some longer & steeper walking days but is suitable for anyone with an active lifestyle, and the tour includes baggage transfer and accommodation in hand-picked 3 and 4 star hotels. This walking paradise allows you to visit the best of the Swiss Alps, from the picture postcard snow-capped peaks and meadows you may anticipate, to slightly more unexpected vineyards and planetariums! Our highlights of the Val d’Anniviers tour include:

  • The other worldly landscape of the Illgraben rock cirque
  • Walking from cellar to cellar in Sierre, the capital of Swiss viticulture
  • Relaxing in the Hotel Bella Tola Spa overlooking the Val d’Anniviers
  • Following the planetary way past the iconic Hotel Weisshorn
  • Wandering the picture postcard streets of Grimentz
  • Views of the Matterhorn, Weisshorn, Zinalrothorn, Obergabelhorn, Besso and Dent-Blanche

…and of course, truly glorious walking. View the full details of the Val d’Anniviers tour on our website.

Frances McCann

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Frances McCann
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