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Walk of the Week: Cairngorms Escape
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16 September 2016
Walk of the Week: Cairngorms Escape
At Macs HQ we're embracing the time of year which gives us all a warm, cosy glow; Autumn. Nothing is better for the soul than getting wrapped up and heading outdoors at this time of year, and we recently shared some ideas for great places to walk in the Scottish Autumn. Visitors to (or residents of) the UK, we heartily recommend an Autumn break (or Fall to our friends across the pond). A Cairngorms Escape is the perfect tonic. [caption id="attachment_20675" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Caledonian Forest The native pinewoods of the Caledonian Forest, once a vast woodland which covered most of Scotland.[/caption]  

In a Nutshell

Walk of the week this week is not so much a recognised trail, and more of a collection of fine walks in picture postcard Cairngorms National Park. One for de-cluttering the mind and re-invigorating the senses, and perfect for this time of year. Grade: Moderate (but you can take it easier if you choose) Distance: That's up to you! A 4 night break with walks between 6m - 15.5m per day. [caption id="attachment_20672" align="aligncenter" width="900"]Red Squirrel Keep an eye out for these guys.[/caption]

Why walk it?

There's a chill in the air, but you've got your cosy layers and wooly hat at the ready. After a hearty breakfast, fill your flask with tea and head out into the Caledonian forest. Keep your eyes peeled for red squirrels, increasingly camouflaged against the rusty ombre colours of the season. An optional ride on the Strathspey heritage railway could shorten your walk if you please. Enjoy a picnic lunch overlooking a tranquil loch, and a wee celebratory "dram" of the local whisky is almost obligatory to warm up at the end of the day (if you can find a space by a roaring fireside, all the better.) [caption id="attachment_20674" align="aligncenter" width="900"]Whisky glasses "Water of life", the tried and tested way of warming up after an Autumnal walk.[/caption] Sounds pretty idyllic. At Macs HQ we're blessed by our home country's surroundings and are always keen to encourage those far and wide to join us in appreciating Scotland's finery.

Planning Your Trip

We suggest May until Mid-October, and there is still limited availability for 2016 should you need some Autumnal R&R. The weather in Scotland is unpredictable at any time of year, as anyone who has ever taken on the West Highland Way will attest! So do pack all your waterproofs and warm layers. All part of the fun of a late season walking trip though. Walking in the Cairngorms Getting to Aviemore is easy as the town is on a main train line and has great transport links. Our itinerary is a 2 centre break meaning you don't have to pack and unpack each day (time to feel at home in your charming accommodation). See more about an Escape to the Cairngorms on our website. If you need more information on this or any other walking or cycling adventure, contact our team on info@macsadventure.com.
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