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Elisabeth Norberg
Elisabeth Norberg

Walk of the Week: Camino Primitivo

Camino Primitivo was the first pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela, and was first walked in the 9th century when most of Spain was under Moorish control. It is quieter and also more challenging than the Camino Frances, making it ideal for those seeking a peaceful walk, or perhaps wanting to experience a new way to reach Santiago after completing the more popular Camino Frances.

Camino Primitivo in a Nutshell

Distance: The full trail is 330 km, although it can be split into sections (228 or 102 km respectively). Grading: Moderate to strenuous. It is more challenging than Camino Frances, but also more rewarding. Expect daily walks from 15-31 km. 1500-thumb-SS_Oviedo_98288672

Where is it?

Camino Primitivo goes from Oviedo to Santiago de Compostella in the Northwest of Spain. Getting there and back is relatively easy as both the start and the finish point have airports fly to the main domestic airports as well as several destinations in Europe (including London). Capture

Why Walk it?

Camino Primitivo allows you to walk through the rural farmlands and rolling green hills of northern Spain, while enjoying Spanish food, culture and wine. It is a walk for friends, new or old, and is suitable for solo walkers, as you meet many people along the way. Discover authentic towns and villages of old Spain, get to know the locals, and sample Spanish delicacies along the way. Each region has its own culinary traditions and you will notice the differences and you continue your walk. In Asturia, try the hearty stews that the province has made itself famous for. In Galicia there is an abundance of seafood, and there is a dish known locally as “Polbo á Feira” (Galician-style Octopus) that is the pride of the region. Chorizo, cured ham, tomatoes, olive oil Walking the entire route is 16 days of freedom while walking from village to village. However, if you’d rather split up the walk, you can do it in stages and perhaps return another year to complete the trail. The second stage is considered less challenging than the first and is considerably shorter – 102 km. It is also just above the minimum requirement to get your Compostela certificate, the “pilgrim’s passport”. As you return from your walk, you can proudly collect your certificate, showing off your achievement. [caption id="attachment_18296" align="aligncenter" width="300"]valieriesmith-camino-primitivo1 #macsmoment contest entry on the Camino Primitivo[/caption]

Planning to walk the Camino Primitivo

The tour is offered from March to October. While less crowded than the Camino Frances, it can still get busy in the summer. Furthermore, temperatures rise. April and September are great months to go, and also have more availability. For the summer, early booking is essential. Oviedo Airport (for the starting point) is serviced by EasyJet (from London) and Vueling (from Paris) as well as flights from domestic airports including Madrid and Barcelona. Santiago de Compostela (for the finishing point) is serviced by Ryanair (to London and Frankfurt), Vueling (to Paris and Rome) and flights to domestic airports such as Madrid and Barcelona. Contact info@macsadventure.com if you’d like more information or read about this trip on our website.
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