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Walk of the Week: Corsica: Island of Beauty

Even though Corsica has been part of France for over two hundred years, it has its own unique qualities, cuisine, language, culture and history. This island offers a wealth of wonderful experiences which we think are best undertaken by foot. 342_revellata-walk

In a Nutshell

Distance: 46km  (28 miles) Grading: Easy to Moderate ss_1500_corte

Where is it?

Despite its French heritage, Corsica is in fact located off the west coast of Italy, in the Mediterranean Sea. This adventure takes place on the northern half of the island, beginning in the historic capital of Corte and finishing up in the historic citadel of Calvi.   ss_1500_restonica-gorge-walk  

Why walk it?

Corsica is an island of outstanding natural beauty and it has a truly fascinating history. This adventure takes you through the Tavignano Gorge, to the inviting crystal clear waters of the Tavignano river. A day's walking along the Gorge de la Restonica surrounds you with spectacular views of jagged peaks and tranquil lakes. Experience Calvi with its delight bar-lined marina and its striking port citadel. Corsica's stunning coastlines and turquoise waters will take your breath away. 1500_calvi-marina

Planning to walk Corsica: Island of Beauty

Macs Adventure offers a 7 day and 6 night itinerary in three star hotels, available from April to October.ss_1500_calvi       To find out more about this trip, check out our website or email the team at info@macsadventure.com
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