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Walk of the Week: Full Camino
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16 December 2015
Walk of the Week: Full Camino
Camino de Santiago is one of the most popular walks in Europe, providing you with a beautiful walking route through the Spanish countryside. It is a challenge for sure, but a rewarding one at that; when you finish in Santiago you can proudly display your pilgrim's passport, evidence of your incredible achievement.

In a Nutshell

Distance: 753 km, although the Camino can also be walked in stages. Grading: Moderate. You’ll be expected to walk between 5 and 8 hours a day, so a certain level of fitness is required. PhilMale_compostela_'all_for_one'

Where is it?

The Camino Frances (Way of St. James) goes from St Jean Pied de Port, in the Pyrenees, to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Spain. stepmap-karte-full-camino-1460243(1)

Why Walk It?

This journey across Northern Spain is one of the most popular pilgrim routes, and for a good reason. Passing the stunning Pyrenees mountain range, through lush valleys and great plains, you get to immerse yourself in the beautiful landscape while visiting some of Spain’s most intriguing cities. While the route was established for religious reasons, you don’t have to be spiritual to enjoy the relaxing walking and the great  camaraderie along the way. Walking the full Camino is a chance to get a break from your everyday life and spend 40 days of exposing your senses to the sights, smells and sounds of this pilgrim trail. Each day you arrive in a new town or village, staying in hotels and inns along the route. You will be able to explore some of Spain’s most picturesque towns, indulging in the local cuisine. Spain is a country of great contrasts, and as your journey towards Santiago de Compostela progresses, you will notice a change not only in the landscape, but in the people, culture and food. At the end of this great achievement, you will be awarded a pilgrim’s certificate, a proud moment. [caption id="attachment_18682" align="aligncenter" width="300"]tapas-martin-wright It's not all about the walking...[/caption]

Planning Your Walk

The full Camino takes 40 days to walk, so it is necessary to prepare for the trip as you will be expected to walk 20-25 km daily. We are happy to add additional rest days along your walk in order to give you a chance to relax a little bit more. The Camino is well way-marked and easy to follow, and can easily be walked on your own, as there are always plenty of people about. We recommend walking the Camino in either the spring or the autumn, as the summer is hot and very busy. Due to the popularity of the route, it is best to book as early as possible in order to ensure that you can stay in our preferred accommodation. If you’re coming from the UK, you can fly directly into St Jean Pied de Port from London with Ryanair. For other travellers, it is easier to fly into Paris and get the train to the starting point of the Camino. From Santiago you can fly back to the UK with Ryanair, or connect via Madrid or Paris with international departures. Our destination specialists would be more than happy to help you plan your travels, just email them on info@macsadventure.com for assistance. More comprehensive information is available in our Camino Guide,  or read more about the full Camino on our website. roberta_martinoni_camino2.
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