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Walk of the week: South Greenland Adventure
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16 November 2016
Walk of the week: South Greenland Adventure
Greenland is a place that conjures up so many emotions and creates amazing memories. It’s a destination for adventure, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, fabulous landscapes and spectacular sights. Find out why we have chosen it as our walk of the week.

Where is Greenland?

Greenland is a large island – and an autonomous Danish territory – located between the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans. It’s a landscape that is mostly covered by ice and any ice-free areas, along the fjord-lined coast, are where you will find Greenland’s small population. Greenland holds a northerly position, mostly above the Arctic Circle, which means days are very long in summer and very short in winter. [caption id="attachment_21371" align="aligncenter" width="650"]Unique places and scenery. Unique places and scenery.[/caption]

Why visit Greenland?

The remote island boasts many amazing attractions such as huge, mesmerising icebergs, dramatic fjords, stunning glaciers, flower-filled valleys, clear-water lakes and the chance to see stunning natural phenomena such as the summer’s midnight sun and the Northern Lights in winter. The Macs Adventure South Greenland Adventure makes visiting Greenland possible. It’s a remote destination and unpredictable weather and an almost non-existent infrastructure can make independent travel tricky and expensive. The eight-day South Greenland Adventure offers a format of a small, guided group (up to 12 people) that reveals both the highlights and the remote corners, with a focus on great hikes, as well as iceberg cruises, glacier walks, and plenty of Inuit culture. To top it all, you stay in authentic small hotels. [caption id="attachment_21372" align="aligncenter" width="650"]Breath-taking beauty. Breath-taking beauty.[/caption]

In a Nutshell

The week is an adventure tour and includes a mix of short walks, between 5km and 11km, city and town strolls, sightseeing, kayaking (if you fancy it), a helicopter flight (subject to weather/timetables) and boat trips.


The grading is easy to moderate and with a comfort rating of three out of a possible five. It is suitable for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities and goes hiking or trekking on a regular basis. [caption id="attachment_21368" align="aligncenter" width="650"]Glacier walk. Glacier walk.[/caption]

Tell me more

Many people long to see the remote island of Greenland but never imagine they will. This trip gives you the reassurance of expert guidance but also with lots of adventure. The trip begins in the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik, at the domestic airport, where you board a three-hour flight to Greenland. (You could choose to tag on a few days at either end of the week to explore Iceland and its capital city.) Landing at Narsarsuaq, you Greenland experience starts with a two-hour walk across the Arctic tundra to the Glacier View Point. You can look forward to superb views of the fjord, Narsarsuaq and the glacier. Day two is a packed with adventure and history. You’ll travel by RIB boat in a fjord, passing mighty icebergs, to reach Qassiarsuk. The church ruins and settlement of Erik the Red at Brattahlid, which is the ancient capital of Viking Greenland, is a fascinating place to visit. In the afternoon, a 4x4 trip heads to the beautiful and remote Tasiusaq farm, next to Sermilik Fjord, which is almost always blocked with icebergs from the Eqaloruutsit glacier. If you fancy, you could take a two-hour beginner friendly kayaking excursion amid the ice on this peaceful fjord. [caption id="attachment_21367" align="aligncenter" width="650"]Kayaking in Greenland. Kayaking in Greenland.[/caption] Day three can be weather dependent, travelling by boat or helicopter to reach Qaqartoq, acclaimed as Greenland’s most attractive town. A guided tour or a stroll on your own will reveal the highlights. The following two days focus on Qaqartoq, a town that many people call Greenland’s most attractive. First though there’s a beautiful boat trip or a memorable helicopter ride, depending on the weather, to reach Qaqartoq. You can join a guided tour or the town or wander independently. Qaqartoq's colourful buildings are set against a backdrop of breath-taking landscapes. There are 30 rock sculptures, spread across the town, to checkout. A boat takes you to Narsaq city, the third most populated town in South Greenland, so you are ready on the fifth day for a glacier expedition by boat and on foot. The wonders of a trio of glacier fronts at Qaleraliq Camp offer so many photo-taking opportunities. The city of Narsaq and Igaliku are fascinating to stroll around. Take in a market, fur shops, hunters harbour, the Greenlandic museum, among other must-visits. There are more stunning fjord views promised on day seven and an optional afternoon boat excursion to Qooroq fjord, arguably the most spectacular glacier in the south of Greenland. The final day is reserved for the most famous hike in South Greenland, exploring the Flower Valley. The walk is 11km, including 200m of ascent, with vistas of the valley, the Kiattut River and towards the glacier. The retreating ice has left rich glacial sedimentation, which now nurtures a multitude of delicate flowers. On your return to Reykjavik why not take a few days to explore the Icelandic city and the surrounding area? [caption id="attachment_21366" align="aligncenter" width="650"]Unusual landscapes. Unusual landscapes.[/caption]

Why travel here?

Tranquil: Greenland is remote and lesser populated. Its landscape is often empty and allows visitors the chance to enjoy fantastic peace and quiet. Unique scenery: The landscape, fjords, glaciers and valleys are like no other. They will fill your eyes and mind with many long-lasting memories of beauty and geological highlights. Natural highlights: Greenland's location means you can see the summer’s midnight sun and have a good chance of seeing the  Northern Lights in winter. History and culture: Greenland is unlike many other places and offers a fascinating trip revealing very different cultures and traditions. For the great stories: Friends and family will be envious of your trip, but they will also be keen to hear about the sights, sounds and tales of your time in the remote island country of Greenland.

When can I go?

This adventure tour is available to start on the 25th July, 2017, 8th August, 2017, and 22nd August, 2017.  This is a superb time for autumn colour and later in the summer (mid-August onwards) also offers a great chance of seeing the Northern Lights. Getting to Reykjavik By Air: Once you have arrived at Reykjavik (KEF), the return flights to Narsarsuaq (UAK) in Greenland with Air Iceland are organised for you. These are included in the tour price. Alternatively, you can pay a supplement and fly from Copenhagen Airport (CPH) to Narsarsuaq (UAK) and vice-versa with Air Greenland. Several airlines fly into Iceland’s main International Airport (closest to Reykjavik) which is Keflavik International (KEF) including Icelandair and Wow Air. From the UK you can also fly on budget airline easyJet. To get from Keflavik Airport to downtown Reykjavik, take a shuttle bus (which you can pre-book, often via the famous Blue Lagoon), FlyBus and Airport Express.

Find out more about the Greenland trip

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