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Walk of the Week: Stockholm&'s Archipelago
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14 October 2015
Walk of the Week: Stockholm&'s Archipelago
This week we will look at a walk that’s not strictly a point-to-point trail, but more of a chance to explore a unique destination. Stockholm’s Archipelago has much to offer the visitor – lakes, beaches, forests and an opportunity for relaxation. Considered quintessential Sweden, it gives you a glimpse of Swedish culture at the same time as you are able to explore the landscape at your own pace, enjoying food, drink and nature.

Walking Stockholm’s Archipelago in a Nutshell

Distance: 56-81 km (many of the walks are optional). Grading: Easy to moderate. The walk is not considered challenging and the longest day’s walk (19km) can be shortened to suit the walker. The terrain is undulating but does not include any steep ascents or descents.

Where is it?

The trip starts and finishes in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden which is situated on the country’s east coast. You will also visit the surrounding archipelago as well as Sörmland, some 60 km southwest of Stockholm. [caption id="attachment_18247" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Googlemap of Stockholm & the Archipelago Stockholm and the location of the tour[/caption]

Why walk it?

Stockholm, known as the ‘Venice of the North’, is spread across 14 islands that is part of the Stockholm Archipelago. Its distinct architecture, beautiful waterways, stylish shopping streets and mouth-watering restaurants make it a popular destination and a is good stop over on the way to the archipelago. Having spent your first (or more) nights here, you will be transferred to the 18th century Tullgarn Palace in Sörmland, where you will follow the Sörmlandsleden trail to your overnight destination in Trosa. [caption id="attachment_18245" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Tullgarn Palace Tullgarn Palace[/caption] The following days will be spent exploring the archipelago in both Sörmland and Stockholm, staying in small hotels and guest houses. The forests, lakes and beaches make it a real nature lover’s paradise, and it is the ideal trip if you want a city break combined with relaxing walking in the countryside. The Swedish archipelago is popular with locals and some 50,000 holiday homes are located across the islands. To many, it truly is the essence of Sweden – unspoilt nature, pretty houses that have been painted red, and a sense of timelessness. The local restaurants offer gorgeous seafood and you can try Swedish specialties such as pickled herring, traditionally served on festive occasions. During your walks, make sure to stop for a coffee and a cinnamon roll at a local cafe. The concept of a hot drink and ‘a little something’ to snack on is known as fika and is a time of the day – typically at 10am and 3pm, when everyone stops what they are doing in order to sit down, chat, and simply relax together. [caption id="attachment_18243" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Crayfish Crayfish, crispbread, cheese, snaps and beer – all part of the yearly crayfish party.[/caption]

Planning to walk in Stockholm’s Archipelago

This tour is only offered between June and mid-August, and is also when most Swedes take their summer holidays (a lot of Swedes enjoy 30-something days of holiday a year - excluding public holidays!). It can get busy in the archipelago and we recommend booking far in advance. Stockholm is serviced by two international airports, Arlanda and Skavsta (the latter is an 80 min bus ride from central Stockholm), making it easily accessible from most international destinations. Contact info@macsadventure.com if you’d like more information or read about this trip on our website.
Elisabeth Norberg

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