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Walk of the Week - The Dachstein Alpine Circuit
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29 January 2015
Walk of the Week - The Dachstein Alpine Circuit

For this weeks Walk of the Week, we are going back to the Alps.  While French, Swiss and Italian Alpine adventures are the big sell, poor Austria often gets overlooked.  However it is every bit as jaw-dropping, welcoming and well-marked and from past experience, even seems to be a bit cheaper for food and drink.   Bonus. So, let us wander off and see what the Dachstein Alpine Circuit has to offer.

In a Nutshell:

Distance: 113 km

Grading: Moderate to Strenuous.  The trail is typical of any Alpine walking, with a mix of both narrow and wide tracks and rough mountain paths, so you should be prepared for some rocky terrain and have a good head for heights. No specialist technical experience is needed though, so it is a very achievable challenge for most.

Where is it?

Dachstein Alpine Walking

Taking in the views

The Dachstein Alpine Circuit is smack bang in the middle of Austria.   Close to Salzburg, so reasonably easy to get to and it is one of those areas that you may never have heard of, which always makes it all the better to visit. The circuit is predominantly in amongst and on top of limestone mountains, meaning that caves are abundant in the area.   It is also famous for its fossils and going now means that you can still see some of the glaciers, however, they are retreating quickly, with only about 80 years before they have all gone.  Ok, so its not that quick to us, I wouldn’t recommend that you book today in case you miss them!  But in geological terms they are disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Why walk it?

With all Alpine walks, the main reason to go is the scenery.  Every corner turned reveals something that makes you appreciated this unspoilt wilderness even more.   Whether it is the stunning, jagged peaks, the alpine lakes or even a majestic ibex or chamois on the slopes. The bonus of this trip as opposed to many of the other alpine trips, is that you alternate your accommodations between mountain huts and lower level inns, using gondolas and funicular trains to get you up and down between them.   This means that you are not in dorms for the whole route and also that your luggage follows you to the lower level destinations, so a great way to see some Alpine scenery without the full immersion.

Marmot, Dachstein Alpine Walking Holiday

A Marmot on the Dachstein Alpine Circuit.

Planning to walk the Dachstein Alpine Circuit?

The Dachstein Alpine Circuit is a 10 Day & 9 Night Trip that is available between July and September, just to make sure that all the snow has disappeared from the paths. Flying in and out of Salzburg is the way to go and from there it is a couple of trains and a taxi before you arrive at your first hotel. Macs Adventure will provide you with all of the route notes and maps that you will need, as well as local backup in case of any problems.

Our destination & adventure specialists can give you all the advice you will need about the trip, so don't hesitate to get in touch with them by emailing at info@macsadventure.com or giving us a call on 0141 530 8886.


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