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Walk of the Week: The High Coast, Trolls & Enchanted Forests
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31 August 2016
Walk of the Week: The High Coast, Trolls & Enchanted Forests

Come with us on a journey to Sweden as we take a walk through the wilderness of this model country. 


Granite, spruce, and pine.

Granite, spruce, and pine

In a Nutshell

The High Coast: Trolls & Enchanted Forests walking tour, set in a UNESCO World Heritage Site, grants stunning panoramic views over the Gulf of Bothnia as-well-as the opportunity to explore the tranquil Skuleskogen forest, teeming with wildlife and pine. Sweden's High Coast came about after the melting of the continental ice sheet. The sudden easing of pressure allowed the land to rise up in a massive isostatic rebound which left a dramatic and unique environment where mountains, gorges, and sheer cliffs plunge into the sea hundreds of metres below.

Grading: This tour is graded easy to moderate with daily distances ranging from 11 - 17 km over undulating terrain with a number of strenuous ascents.

Distance: 66 - 76 km (depending on itinerary) over the course of 7 days means there are plenty of opportunities to rest and recover whilst taking in the views after a challenging climb.

Why walk it?

Its #1 placing in the 2016 Country Reputation ranking indicates Sweden has got a lot of things right over the years; neutrality, environmental awareness, social and gender equality to name but a few however mistakes are inevitable...think Surströmming or ABBA. What most agree upon is that the Swedes' modest approach to life is not only responsible, but refreshing. One can read about Sweden but it takes a visit to truly experience the way of life and learn how this progressive country operates. Once in Sweden one quickly notices the distinct focus on quality; the food is good, the hospitality is stellar, and the natural beauty is unspoiled. Ask a Swede about the High Coast or indeed the country and they will regale you with their impressive knowledge of the geology, history and folklore. Visiting Sweden may well enlighten you, the High Coast: Trolls and Enchanted Forests trip will certainly astound you.

Slåttdalsskrevan in the Skuleskogen National Park

Slåttdalsskrevan in Skuleskogen National Park

Planning Your Trip

This trip is available from June through August, however we advise booking early due to the limited number of accommodations along the route.

By Air: The closest international airport is Stockholm Arlanda.

By Rail: From Arlanda Airport (or the city of Stockholm) there are 3 daily direct departures to Härnösand (4.5 hours) and many more with a change in Sundsvall. SJ.se is a very useful site that can help you with travel information and tickets.

By Road: Take the E4 from Stockholm (4 hours).

If you have any queries about the High Coast trip or any of the trips we offer in the UK, Europe or further afield don't hesitate to contact the team on info@macsadventure.com  

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