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Walk of the Week - Tour du Mont Blanc
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24 December 2014
Walk of the Week - Tour du Mont Blanc
Merry Christmas Everyone, Though it is a bit of a crazy time of year to be posting Walk of the Week, as many of you will more concerned about enjoying festivities with your nearest and dearest, here at Macs HQ we are dedicated to getting this weekly blog post out there (apart from the weeks when we don't!)  With the crazy booking season almost upon us, we thought it pertinent to get a few of the major trips out there, the real once in a lifetime, changes everything type trips. So, with this in mind, this week we are focussing on the wonderful Tour du Mont Blanc.  This is France's most popular trek by far and though it may seem tough, there are so many itineraries that focus on different levels of comfort and daily distances to open this outstanding trip up to as many people as possible.

In a Nutshell:

Distance: 94 - 163 km Grading: Moderate to Strenuous - It is a pretty tough walk, but as with all things in life, the harder you work, the greater the rewards.  The format of this walk is pretty much climb in the morning (not actual climbing, with ropes, its not that strenuous!) walk along the more level area, then descend in later afternoon to your accommodation.  The uphill sections are hard going, but the paths are remarkably well laid out and the sense of achievement is almost overwhelming.

Where is it?

The Tour du Mont Blanc is in the heart of the French Alps and is almost too easy to get to.   The main route goes from Les Houche to Chamonix both of which are easily accessed from Geneva. There are several low cost carriers that fly to Geneva from all over Europe, so you should be able to get there with no trouble at all.  Being that these are ski resorts in the winter and busy in the summer with walkers and bikers, there is no shortage of transfer companies from Geneva airport, offering a cheap and efficient service.

Why walk it?

For starters, the Tour du Mont Blanc is one of those 'must do' trips, one that has to be ticked off that big list.  The route takes you through 3 countries, France, Switzerland and Italy, staying in either mountain huts or taking the comfort option and coming off the hill by chairlift and staying in a 3star hotel. Really though this trip is all about the scenery.  It is one of those stop and appreciate kind of trips, where (often you are in need of a quick stop anyway) every time you pause, you remember where you are and drink in the peaks surrounding you.   There is also the crisp alpine air, which though sounds cliched, actually is about as beautiful a breath full as you will find anywhere in the world. [caption id="attachment_13213" align="alignright" width="400"]Mont Blanc Mont Blanc[/caption]

Planning to walk the Tour du Mont Blanc

There is a relatively short period for walking the Tour du Mont Blanc as you have to wait until the snow recedes sufficiently to get on the trails safely.  From mid-June until the end of September is the window of opportunity and within this there is no particular period that is better than others. As long as you have attempted a long distance walk before, have a decent level of fitness and are aware of the challenges, then I would urge you to undertake this fantastic adventure. If conquering one of the worlds great treks appeals to you, then I would highly recommend getting in touch with us and emailing one of our Destination Specialists to find out more.

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