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Walk of the Week: Walking the Sognefjord
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29 December 2016
Walk of the Week: Walking the Sognefjord

In a country full of fjords the Sognefjord is the longest and deepest. Stretching 205 kilometres inland from the North Sea, the Sognefjord is known in Norway as the 'king of fjords'. The scenery here is varied, but mostly rugged; at some points steep cliffs rise to heights over 1000 metres on either side, at others the terrain undulates gently broken-up by small inlets and deep green valleys. Our week long walking tour takes in the majesty of the Sognefjord through a combination of panoramic trails, famous sections of railway and scenic boat journeys.

The Stegasteinen viewpoint overlooks the Aurlandsfjord 1,300m below

The Stegasteinen viewpoint overlooks the Aurlandsfjord 1,300m below

In a nutshell

Where? Begin your trip in the charming city of Bergen, the gateway to the fjords, where you can explore the Bryggen a UNESCO World Heritage Site that dates back to the 14th century, take in the views from the top of Mt Floyen and enjoy fresh seafood at the picturesque fish market.

A scenic rail journey on the Bergen railway takes you to Myrdal from where you begin the walking with a short walk to the village of Flåm, a small but well-placed village. The Aurlandsdalen Valley is easily reached from Flåm and the valley, which is often referred to as the “Grand Canyon of Norway”, is home to a classic fjord hike from Østerbø to Vassbygdi. Expect awe inspiring landscapes of untouched nature, roaring rivers and paths cut into the steep mountainside.

A short bus journey from Flåm takes you to the Stegasteinen viewpoint, the start point for a walk up to the Turlifossen waterfall and then up a steep path to the Prest summit where you are rewarded with views of the surrounding mountains and the Aurlandsfjord 1,363m below. There are a number of other short walks around Flåm to complete before taking a ferry over the Sognefjord to Balestrand for more walks amongst mountain valleys, crashing waterfalls and serene mirror-like lakes.

The final day of walking is spent on the Raudmelen route which follows a nature trail before ascending uphill to grant some final views over the Sognefjord.

The beautiful village of Flåm

The beautiful village of Flåm

Distance? 70 km over the course of 6 days of walking.

Grade? We grade this tour as moderate. Walking in hilly terrain with ascents of up to 900 m this tour is suited to keen walkers who are comfortable walking for up to 6 hours per day.

Why walk Sognefjord?

Norway's Grand Canyon. Walk in the wild landscapes that makes up the Aurlandsdalen Valley, a popular hiking destination that combines fantastic scenery with exhilarating walking.

Hiking in Aurlandsdalen Valley

Hiking in Aurlandsdalen Valley

Flåm. The village of Flåm is surrounded on all sides by mountains, waterfalls and valleys making it the perfect base for adventures in nature. Spending time here, breathing the fresh air and doing some walking is not only good for your health, it is good for the soul.

Looking down the Aurlandsfjord above Flåm

Incredible railway journeys. Taking a train might not sound like a reason to travel somewhere however taking a ride on the Bergen or Flåm railway is no ordinary journey.


Planning and preparation

The Walking the Sognefjord tour is available from the beginning of June up until the end of September.

Getting to Bergen

By Air - You can fly direct to Bergen from a number of central destinations in Europe like Amsterdam (1h 30m), Copenhagen (1h 30m) London (2h), and Paris (2h). You can also fly via Oslo (55m), with up to 20 flights per day between Oslo and Bergen. By Rail - The Bergen Railway stretches between Oslo and Bergen and is a lovely way to travel into Bergen. There are up to 4 departures daily from Oslo to Bergen. The journey passes through some beautiful landscapes and takes approx 7 hours in total.

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