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Walking holidays for all fitness levels
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04 January 2014
Walking holidays for all fitness levels

Walking holidays come in all shapes, sizes and for all levels of fitness. Whether you fancy a stroll between French hilltop villages, a jam-packed schedule of attractions along a flat canalside trail, or a series of serious hikes from valley to mountain top, there is a walking holiday that will suit you.

10 great reasons to book a walking holiday

  • Walking holidays are a great way to get fit or stay fit on holiday
  • Arriving at new destinations under your own steam is uplifting, and good for the environment
  • You see so much more while walking when compared to motorised transport
  • Walking and talking is a great way to enjoy a week or more away with friends
  • Walking holidays are ideal for families who love the outdoors
  • Couples report that many walking holidays are wonderfully romantic
  • You’ll discover so many new places and views on a walking holiday
  • Being outdoors every day is a superb mood booster
  • You’ll meet like-minded people as you walk many of the world’s trails
  • Walking all day offers the best excuse for eating and drinking all evening!

Three walking holidays with shorter days

A walking holiday that includes shorter daily hiking distances or a choice of route mileages is ideal for people who are new to walking or walkers who are keen to try a walking holiday but do not want to worry about whether they will cope with long days on their feet. Dordogne Hilltop Villages walking holiday

Three walking holidays with longer days

Of course, there are also walking holidays to suit people who are keen to take on more challenging routs and tougher hiking days. These trips will suit people with more hiking experience and higher fitness levels.


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