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Weekly Cycle: Classic Danube Cycle Path – Passau to Vienna

23 Dec , 2016  

Enjoy a hassle-free cycle on the renowned Danube Cycle Path alongside the calming waters of Europe’s longest river. The Danube Cycle Path is completely traffic free, through ever-changing landscapes, and the cycling is flat or slopes gently downhill. You follow the river downstream, and the smooth cycling allowing you to relax and enjoy the scenery along the route. Some highlights on your journey between Passau and Vienna include Linz, the capital of Upper Austria, wooded rock formations in the Melk region and terraced vineyards, apricot orchards and great food in the Wachau valley.  

Stunning and changing scenery along the route

The scenery along the route is ever changing

In a nutshell


Begin in Germany with a day of exploring the historic city of Passau. Enjoy strolling through the lanes, archways and tunnels that make up this beautiful city. Your cycling begins on the second day with a 40 km peddle to the impressive Schlögener Schlinge, where the Danube river makes a complete 180 degree turn. Having taken a ferry across the Danube you continue into the fertile plains of the Eferdinger basin and onto your next stop, Linz – the capital of Upper Austria.

Spend a night in the Baroque village of Grein which is home to Austria’s oldest theatre. Before you arrive in Grein, take the chance to visit the oldest town in Austria, Enns – a town as fascinating as it is pretty. The benedictine monastery of Melk is reached after a day of cycling through wonderful landscapes made up of high, densely wooded rock formations. For many cyclists on this trip, the days spent cycling through the Wachau Valley are a highlight. The landscape is a pleasing mix of terraced vineyards, orchards of apricot and peach trees, dotted with castles, palaces and monasteries. As well as being a UNESCO World Heritage site and region of natural beauty, the Wachau is home to acclaimed restaurants and it is Austria’s top wine region. Having enjoyed the food and wines of the Wachau take a train to Tulln where your cycle continues through the Vienna Woods, before arriving in Vienna, ‘The City of Music’.

The famous Schloegener Schlinge

The famous Schlögener Schlinge


287 km over 6 days of cycling. On some days there are options for shortcuts by taking trains between destinations.


The tour is graded as Easy. The route is completely paved from one end to the other and along a path that is either flat or slopes gently downhill. This self guided cycling tour is suitable for all cyclists but will appeal to beginner cyclist or families with younger children especially.

Why cycle here?

  • Simplicity, scenery & suitable for children. This trip combines beautiful Austrian scenery with simple riding along well maintained, traffic free pathways. If you are looking to take the kids on an active holiday that is safe, fun and has a bit of culture thrown in, see the following link for further details on the Classic Danube Cycle path: Passau to Vienna.
An active holiday suitable for families

An active holiday suitable for families

  • Wachau Valley & food & wine. The accommodations along the route have been selected for their warmth and character but also because they offer good local food. Wine drinkers will be aware of the quality of white wines coming out of Austria but may not know that is the Wachau Valley where the finest Grüner Veltliner and Riesling come from.
Vineyards & roves of peach trees indicate you are entering the Wachau valley

Vineyards & roves of peach trees indicate you are entering the Wachau valley

  • Combine a city break with a cycling trip. The beauty of this route is that it sees you spend time in the vibrant cities of Passau, Linz and Vienna as well as cycling past smaller towns, rural villages and sightseeing spots along the Danube.

Planning and preparation

Getting to/from Passau

Passau is located in Germany, close to the Austrian border. It has a railway station and is easily accessible from across Europe.

By Air

Passau has direct train connections to Linz (1hr 30), Salzburg (2hr 45), Munich (2hr 30) and Vienna (3hr 30), which are the most convenient airports. Please visit the DB Bahn Website to check times.

By Train

Visit the DB Bahn Website to check train times and book tickets to Passau from European destinations. You may also wish to try Rail Europe for European rail tickets and passes.

By Car

Parking is available in Passau from between €30 and €60 per week. Contact us for details.

Getting from Vienna

We include a train transfer back from Vienna to Passau in your tour but you may prefer to fly out of Vienna Airport. There is a reduction in price if you do not need the return train transfer.

The final stop on the tour, Vienna

The final stop on the tour, Vienna

To find out about our range of self guided cycling tours or to enquire about the Classic Danube Cycle Path tour please get in touch with a member of the team on [email protected]

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