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Weekly Cycle: Copenhagen, Royal Zealand & Sweden
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01 December 2016
Weekly Cycle: Copenhagen, Royal Zealand & Sweden
Explore the Danish way of life on a cycle tour from cosmopolitan Copenhagen: flat roads, beautiful scenery, laid-back atmosphere and a cycling infrastructure that is world-famous. This week's cycle is a leisurely 8-day cycling tour starting in Copenhagen and continuing along the coast on Denmark's largest island Zealand. You'll even make a visit to Sweden's south coast on a quick ferry between the two Scandinavian neighbours. Everyone loves cycling in Denmark, and this trip makes it clear why! 
[caption id="attachment_19558" align="aligncenter" width="900"]Cycling in Copenhagen - Nyhavn Start your Danish cycling trip in stylish Copenhagen[/caption]

In a Nutshell

Where?  Cycle from the Danish capital Copenhagen, with all its delightful shops, restaurants, waterfront and museums. You can choose to stay a few days in Copenhagen before or after you start your trip, to make the most of the cosmopolitan culture and enjoyable atmosphere. You'll start your bike trip in a city made for cycling, where two wheels is the primary form of transport for many. From stylish Copenhagen the journey continues on well-maintained cycle tracks along sandy beaches and past charming small towns. From Copenhagen, you'll start cycling north along the coast. Pass the world-famous Little Mermaid before you stop in Dyrehaven with its free-roaming deer and delightful attractions. Later on you'll visit Helsingør, famous for the castle which inspired Shakespeare's Elsinore, home of Hamlet. A quick ferry ride across the water to Sweden gives you a taste of the Swedish coastline, and there are two beautiful cycling options on the peninsula of Kullen. Back in Denmark, you'll see some of the country's best beaches, with long stretches of sand and picturesque lighthouses. Heading inland you'll get to see another spectacular castle, Frederiksborg, with its impressive gardens, before you head on to Roskilde the next day for a fascinating glimpse into past and present Danish culture, with Viking history and modern festival life in the high summer. An enjoyable cycle through pretty villages takes you back to Copenhagen after a week on the bike, and you'll finish off your cycle along the canal path into the city centre. There is always the option to extend your stay in Copenhagen a few days to visit its many attractions, such as Tivoli, the round tower Rundetårn, and several beautiful castles and palaces. [caption id="attachment_19559" align="aligncenter" width="900"]Cycling in Denmark along sandy beaches Leisurely cycling along sandy beaches is one of the cycling pleasures in Denmark[/caption] Distance? 200-295km, depending on the options you choose. Most days have between 30 and 50 kilometers to cover on your bike, but for anyone wishing to do more, you can choose to go on some longer loops of up to 78 kilometers in a day. Grade? Easy to moderate. Most of the cycling in Denmark is on comfortable, flat cycleways with well maintained surfaces and a superb infrastructure to support cyclists. There are some small hills on parts of the route, and for the longer route options some cycling stamina and fitness is required, but anybody in relatively good physical condition will be able to enjoy this beautiful bike adventure. [caption id="attachment_19560" align="aligncenter" width="900"]Cycling in south Sweden on the Kullen peninsula The rocky peninsula of Kullen in south Sweden overlooks the narrow gap of sea that separates Sweden and Denmark[/caption]

Why Cycle Here?

  • Visiting Copenhagen is a must for any bike enthusiast. The way cycling is weaved intimately into the fabric of life is remarkable. You'll pass hundreds of bikes parked outside train stations and shops, most of them unlocked as bikes are so ubiquitous that bike crime isn't really a thing. Cycle lanes have priority over car traffic, and much of the stylish Danish fashion is practical on a bike - you'll not see much lycra here!
  • We've all heard of "hygge" - the embodiment of cosy enjoyment that the Danes are so good at. From charming pubs to friendly seaside hotels, coffee breaks with cake and Danishes (what else?!), or open-faced sandwiches and a laid-back glass of beer in a charming waterfront cafe - Denmark is a great place to enjoy the good life, especially after a day in the saddle.
  • Get an insight into Scandinavian history as a natural part of the Copenhagen, Royal Zealand & Sweden cycling tour, which pays a visit to Hamlet's Elsinor, also known as Kronborg Castle. You also get a peek into author Karen Blixen's home at Rungstedlund, and explores viking history in Roskilde's viking museum.
[caption id="attachment_19561" align="aligncenter" width="900"]Danish Castles on Cycling Holidays Several stately castles dot the island of Zealand, where Shakespeare found his inspiration for Hamlet[/caption]

Planning and Preparation

Cycling in Denmark is very enjoyable, but you should always make sure you have prepared so you are comfortable spending a few hours on a bike every day. Have a look at our blog for some suggestions on how to improve your cycling fitness. The Copenhagen cycling tour is available from mid-May to mid-September, starting on a Sunday. The Danish climate is pleasant and mild from May to September, but there is always a risk of some rain, so make sure you pack waterproofs just in case.

Getting to and from Copenhagen

By air: Copenhagen's Kastrup Airport is well connected, and one of Europe's busiest hubs. All the major airlines fly to Copenhagen from airports around the world. It is easy to get to and from the airport from Copenhagen city centre, with scheduled trains running several times an hour. There are also buses and taxi options, which only take 20-30 minutes into the centre of the city. By rail: The main train station in Copenhagen, Hovedbanegården, has regular train connections to major train stations all across Europe. By car: If you visit Copenhagen by car you can also visit the famous Øresund Bridge, connecting Copenhagen in Denmark to Malmø in Sweden. The bridge is the longest combined road and rail bridge in Europe, and it is a pretty spectacular piece of construction! [caption id="attachment_19562" align="aligncenter" width="900"]Cycle past Copenhagen's Mermaid The iconic Little Mermaid is one of many sights you'll enjoy on your Danish cycle[/caption]

Are you ready to explore Denmark on a bike? Book your cycle trip in Copenhagen, Sweden and Royal Zealand on our website now! You can also contact the team at info@macsadventure.com and we'll be happy to help you with any questions about this trip.
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