Weekly Cycle

Weekly Cycle: Cycling Around the Cape of Corsica

19 Aug , 2015  

This week we are heading to the beautiful isle of Corsica to see what cycling opportunities await on our Cycling Around the Cape of Corsica trip.

In a Nutshell

Distance: 136-165 km.  There are a couple of alternatives on most days so you can gauge how your legs are feeling and tailor your daily cycle.

Grading: Moderate.  There are a lot of unavoidable ups and downs on the route around Corsica, but nothing overly challenging if you have a decent level of fitness.

Product Manager Sally on the Cape

Where is it?

Corsica is a French Island in the Mediterranean, situated between Italy and Spain.  The trip itself focuses on the northeastern peninsula of the island.

Why cycle Around the Cape of Corsica?

Balzac famously wrote that Corsica is ‘a French island, basking in Italian sunshine,’and it is this contrast, this confluence of cultures that makes Corsica so fascinating.  It brings together the best of French and Italian culture, but presents it in a way that is fiercely and unmistakably Corsican.

Bastia Harbour

The northern peninsula where this trip is focused, is the quietest, most unspoilt part of the island and most of the tourism is centred in the south, so you will get to see a side of the island that many others do not.  The scenery up there is outstanding with the deepest azure sea that you are likely to see anywhere in the world contrasting with the deep, rich greens of the island foliage.  There are black beaches to contrast the stark white ones and on a good day you can see over to the Italian island of Elba and Italy beyond.


Black beach at Nonza

The people are extremely friendly, particularly in the north where tourism is not too full on and as you would expect, with a blend of French and Italian influences, the cuisine is to die for.

Planning to Cycle on Corsica

The trip is all laid out for you, maps and route notes all professionally provided.  To get there, you can fly into Bastia airport and either take the shuttle into town or a taxi to your hotel.  Our specialists will be able to sort out any queries you have about this island paradise, so dont hesitate to get in touch at [email protected] for any advice or check out the full details of the tour on our website.

Ewan By
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