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Adventure of the Week: Lake Constance Cycle Path
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06 March 2018
Adventure of the Week: Lake Constance Cycle Path
Normally if you were thinking of taking a trip that visited 3 countries in one week, I would think you were mad.  How can you possibly sample the culture and food in such a short space of time? Well by cycling around the wonderful Lake Constance Cycle Path, this craziness becomes a relaxed reality. [caption id="attachment_17803" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Easy, flat paths[/caption]

In a Nutshell

Distance: 260 - 315 km.  We provide you with detailed information for a number of cycling options each day, so you can tailor the trip to suit you. There are some 50km days, but this is nothing to fret about as there can be no flatter, more relaxing paths to cycle on. Grading: Easy to Moderate. The path around Lake Constance is almost perfectly flat and generally easy going.  There are some quite long days if you want them, but on most days you have the option to choose between longer and shorter distances. [caption id="attachment_17807" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] The Spectacular Rheinfalls[/caption]

Where is it?

Lake Constance is on the Border of Germany, Austria and Switzerland right in the heart of western Europe.  This makes the trip exceptionally easy to get to, having the choice of several different airports to fly into. The lake is a meeting point for the surrounding countries and while you will notice differences between the countries, it is their similarities in this borderland which makes them so unique.

Why cycle around Lake Constance?

To cycle round Lake Constance is to really dip your toe into the essence of the great European outdoors.  It is fringed with Alpine views, tranquil shores and the lake itself shines a beautiful glacial blue. The lake is also known by the German name Bodensee, and you will find different parts of the lake are named different things. There is the Obersee and the Untersee, which are the upper and lower lake, but also the lower part is split into three parts, as well as there being a name for the bit that connects the upper and lower lakes.  Sounds confusing, but for you, as a visitor, just sit on the saddle, turn the pedals and enjoy it all, no matter what the names.   [caption id="attachment_17804" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Lindau[/caption]     The towns you visit are different not only in their language and culture, but there are obvious architectural differences too, so while you need not worry about changing language and culture, you will really feel the difference and be able to experience the different ways of life. Being such a central feature in three different countries there is a rich history around the lake and many battles and campaigns have been fought over its shores. There have also been many neolithic discoveries around the lake as it used to be part of a large glacier which melted and revealed its ancient secrets. With forest sections, fields of wildflowers and vineyards to keep you company, you will revel in the ever-changing landscape with the constant of Lake Constance always there to keep you company.  (bad pun, sorry) The lake has some very unique fauna, with Marsh Gentians, Orchids and the Siberian Iris all growing around its banks.  There is also a great deal of wildlife to spot if you are lucky, including 412 species of bird and 45 species of fish. Great Crested Grebes make their home here too and if you are extremely lucky you may get to see their beautiful, balletic mating dance. A true wonder of nature.

Planning to cycle the Lake Constance Cycle Path

Macs Adventure offers an 8 day, 7 night trip around the Lake, taking in its very best towns and features.  We tailor the trips to get the very best out of the accommodation and sights and make sure that we can offer different distances to open the Lake up to all levels of fitness. For more information on this fantastic adventure, check out our website or get in touch at info@macsadventure.com.
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