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Jo Payne
Jo Payne

Weekly Cycle: Land of the Conquistadors: Cycling the Paradors

From the depths of winter, spring into luxury with our newest cycling trip, Land of the Conquistadors Cycling the Paradors. Each day of riding links luxury Parador hotels deep in the heart of historic Spain.

In a nutshell

Distance: 292km / 342 km Grading: Moderate Where is it? Extremadura, Western Spain.

Parador Jarandilla de la Vera

Why? If you enjoy the challenge of a hill now and again, Cycling the Paradors will lead you through a timeless region of Spain ending each day in the luxury of a Parador Hotel. The brain child of the late King Alfonso XIII, a number of Spain's most significant buildings of royalty, nobility and religion have been lovingly converted into Parador Hotels. A small collection of Paradors in Extremadura are nestled amongst Spain's best preserved medieval villages and most significant sights of the Conquistador era. 1500-Trujillo Planning & Preparation You can start Cycling the Paradors any day of the week from March to July and September to November. July and August are simply too hot! In the early part of the year, flora and fauna is at its best. Raptor life soars high in the skies at Monfrague National Park and daytime temperatures can vary from late teens in March to the late twenties in June. September through to November tourist crowds have thinned, making for prime time visiting. Madrid is the closest airport, served by most international airlines. From Madrid it's short train journey to Oropesa, or alternatively we can arrange private transfers.

Ged Bell cycling in Monfrague Natural Park

Graded moderate, you'll ideally enjoy an active lifestyle which includes cycling to keep fit. Average daily distances are around 50km and there is always the option to take a day off the bike in Trujillo. There are stretches of shallow hill climbs and if you'd like a little assistance with these, e-bikes are available for hire. If you’d prefer to discuss the route in more detail, please call our bike team on or mail info@macsadventure.com
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