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Weekly Cycle: Scottish Coast to Coast MTB

29 Jul , 2015  

This is one of the original Macs Adventure trips and one that still fills us with pure joy.  The C2C in England is the most famous Coast to Coast cycling trip, but here, we are not looking for fame, quite the opposite in fact.

If you want a mountain bike experience like no other, if you want to feel like you own the Highlands as you whiz through with not another soul in sight, then the Scottish Coast to Coast MTB trip is the one for you.

In a Nutshell

This is an unofficial route, expertly stitched together by Macs Adventure to provide you with the most outstanding long distance MTB experience in Scotland.

Riding through the Highlands

Grade: Moderate to Strenuous – Some challenging terrain and some climbing, but as always, what goes up must go down, so there is a reward for all your hard work.

Distance: 190 miles

Where is it?

The trail itself starts in Fort William, however we arrange a transfer to and from Glasgow for this trip, so you can load up your bikes and get out in Fort William ready to roll.

The trail then winds across the remote Highlands, through the Cairngorm National Park to arrive in Montrose on the east coast.

The more that go, the more you get out of it

Why Cycle the CTC MTB?

I would suggest that there is no other trip like this.  To explore these remote parts of Scotland is a privilege and to do it from the saddle of your bike is a wonderful experience.  The route is marked out by GPS and once you realise just how unique the trail is and how you will have it all to yourselves, it becomes more and more special.

Big Country Riding

The highlight tends to be the descent from Mt Keen, a 900m vertical descent and a path that you can see stretching off to the horizon.  There are also a couple of places to play should you wish, with the Witches Trail and Laggan Wolftrax trail centres on the route.

To cycle from coast to coast is a great thing.  To do it without seeing anyone else and hardly touching a road, is another thing entirely.

Planning to Cycle the Coast to Coast MTB

Always time for a relaxing drink at night

All you need to do it get yourselves and your bikes to Glasgow and we do the rest.   It is a fairly demanding route (off road is always a lot tougher on the legs and lungs than the equivalent on road) but if you have a good level of fitness and experience on a MTB then you should have no trouble at all.

It is 7 days of riding and though remote, we have people all along the route that can help should there be any technical issues, so we have your back.

Visit or contact [email protected] for more information on creating your ideal Scottish Coast to Coast MTB itinerary.

Ewan By
A member of Macs Adventure's amazing marketing team, my passion in life is Snowboarding (apart from my family of course, should they happen to read this!) and have taken up mountain biking to fill the seasonal gap and keep me fit enough to spend as much time on the slopes as I can, come winter.