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What to Carry with You on a Walking Holiday
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19 November 2012
What to Carry with You on a Walking Holiday

What to Carry with You on a Walking Holiday

A refreshing and invigorating activity for the body and soul, a walking holiday is a truly rewarding experience. Stunning views from the mountains while treading along lush orchids inhaling fresh and pollution free air are the other perks you get, apart from the exercise walking gives your body. When heading out on a walking holiday, there are a few things you would need to ensure you take along. Of course, a robust pair of walking shoes is a prerequisite. Though make sure you take a few small walks in them before embarking on a longer trail. In addition, a good and sturdy rucksack that contains all your essential items is important to make your holiday fruitful.
  • Hiking socks are important to make your walks comfortable.
  • Water bottles to keep you hydrated through your expeditions.
  • Spare clothes, especially a waterproof and windproof fleece top or jacket to protect you from mountain winds or sudden rains. A lightweight raincoat can come handy as well.
  • Woollen gloves, cap and scarves are important too. Tinfoil blankets can also be kept as they occupy less space and are very warm.
  • A head torch to locate your path and walk safely in the dark. It is also useful in an emergency situation, as it helps attract attention.
  • A first-aid kit with basic medicines, bandages, and a knife or scissors. If you are on any prescribed medicines, make sure to carry additional supplies of those.
  • A good compass and a map of your destination will guide you on your walking holiday. You can obtain detailed maps from your tour operator as well.
  • Watch and sunglasses.
  • A plastic bag that contains your toiletry items. A good hand sanitiser is an important item here, as it is advised to wash your hands throughout the trip and water may not be available in all places.
  • Insect repellants, a walking pole, a whistle and fast-drying clothes should also be packed in your rucksack.
  • Carrying small food items, especially energy bars can take care of hunger pangs and those moments when you need to replenish your energy quickly.
  • Do not forget to carry your cell phone.
A walking holiday is an enjoyable experience where you get to spend time with yourself and the nature around you. So make sure you are carrying all that you will need to make this holiday comfortable, find all you could need and more at Blacks.co.uk.

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