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What to do with your old walking and cycling kit
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26 February 2015
What to do with your old walking and cycling kit

If you are a keen walker or cyclist – and the chances you are if you are thinking about booking a walking or cycling holiday – then we bet you’ll also own a wealth of outdoors clothing and kit. Over the years, most walkers and cyclists collect an extraordinary range of clothing and gear and while it will all have been worn or used at some time the chances are you generally stick to your favourite items. This means that in most outdoor kit drawers, in cupboards, attics, sheds and garages there is a lot of kit that is lying unused. Perhaps, too, you have put on weight or lost weight and have a lot of clothing that now doesn’t fit you. Or maybe you briefly flirted with another outdoors activity and rushed out to buy all the kit that you now do not use. We reckon that every outdoors person will have at least a large drawer full of clothing that they do not use or need.

Sell outdoors clothing and kit

There is a strong second-hand market for good quality clothing and equipment for the  outdoors. Many people are happy to buy worn or used kit if it is still in good condition. There are a number of places that offer good re-sale potential for outdoor clothing, including Gumtree (specify the right For Sale category so the items are easier to find by potential buyers) and Preloved. Ebay can be a good outlet as well although you do need to pay a small amount for your postings and sales and many people find it is a hassle filling in all the For Sale details. There are also specific sites for outdoor kit sales and swaps, such as, on Facebook, Outdoor Gear Exchange UK (you need to ask to join this closed group) and Outdoor gear Exchange community group. For cycling kit there are Facebook pages: Sell My Bike Stuff and Bike Parts for Sale - Scotland FreeCycle is another good clothing swap avenue. You could also head along to a car boot sale and unleash your inner Del Boy.

Donate unwanted outdoor kit


If you would prefer to donate your clothing and gear to a worthwhile cause, and it is still in good condition, charity shops will take in different clothing items. For a more specifically worthy initiative, Gift your Gear is a great idea.

Gift Your Gear is an award-winning UK project that calls on all outdoorsy people to gift their kit, which they then pass on to organisations that encourage the next generation, especially youngsters, to get outdoors. Sarah Howcroft, founder Gift Your Gear, says: “Young people need to get outdoors for their physical and emotional wellbeing. But, of course, the sun doesn’t always shine, so the gear that you donate will help to ensure their early experiences in the great outdoors are safe and enjoyable. “The outdoor gear that you donate will make a real difference to the UK community organisations, youth groups and charities who receive it. And it enables others to benefit from life-changing experiences in the great outdoors regardless of their circumstances.” Gift Your Gear accepts unwanted waterproofs, fleeces, outdoor trousers, insulated jackets, gloves, hats and boots.


How to donate your gear to GYG All Rohan shops operate as Gift Your Gear donation hotspots. See Rohan Shop Locations Or Gift Your Gear can receive direct donations by post. How to donate by post.

Gift and receive in March For the month of March 2015, Gift Your Gear has partnered with Rohan, the outdoor and travel clothing company. When you drop off your unwanted outdoor clothing at any Rohan Shop, you can take advantage of 15% off a full-priced purchase made the same day.

Go to ShaFF and donate Combine a trip to the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival, March 20 to 22 and donate unwanted kit to the ShAFF Kit Sale, which is organised by MyOutdoors. While you are donating your kit you can catch one of the 100 or so adventure and travel films on show during the three-day festival.


Bike recycling projects

There are numerous local bike recycling projects. These accept old or unwanted bikes and then refurbish them for sale to people in the community who might not normally be able to afford a bike. For example, see CTC Bike Recycling, Bike Hub, Re-cycle and The Bike Station, among many others.

Swap among friends

You could organise “Swishing” event among friends (that’s a clothes swapping event for those that don’t know) or an official Swishing event. And once you have cleared some space in your cupboards, how about indulging in a little outdoors clothing retail therapy? Everyone who walks or cycles loves a new piece of kit! Check our our Kit Guide for ideas.


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