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What’s great about cycling in Croatia?
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03 April 2014
What’s great about cycling in Croatia?

Croatia might not have been the first place that I thought of for a cycling holiday but it is now high on my list of countries to return to. I experienced the many delights of island hopping in this warm and welcoming destination on a bike and boat trip to Croatia.

So many reasons to visit Croatia by bike

(… in no particular order!)

For heavenly roads: It’s rare these days to find such perfect tarmac and so many quiet roads. Croatia does cyclists proud with its oh-so-smooth and bike-friendly quality of tarmac.

For isles more: There’s always a new island to visit and explore by bike and ferry. And each island is the perfect size for one to three days of touring by bike. Go island hopping on ferries and by bike.


For stunning sea views: Cycling on Croatia’s islands means you are never far from a stunning view of the beautiful Adriatic sea. Over every headland and around every corner is another delightful seascape or pretty beach.

For lazy beach days: Cove after cove of white sandy beaches offer plentiful opportunities for picnic stops, a cooling swim or a simple sit down and ogle the view moment.

For historic hotspots: From the impressive Roman palace of Diocletian in Split, to the medieval marble streets of Hvar Town and Korčula Town, to the impressive fort in Dubrovnik and so, so much more.


For a storybook of history: Croatia has a long, fascinating and sometimes tragic history that is better than any book you’ll read.

For picture-postcard villages: Limestone is hugely abundant in Croatia and has been used to create streets and buildings that shine bright white. Red-tiled roofs have been added to homes to create beautiful villages that cling to hills or sit tantalisingly close to the ocean’s edge.

For great routes for all: Whether you like flattish coastal cycling or more challenging hills, or a mixture of both, the islands of Korcula is a great place to visit.

For days off the bike: Sea kayaking, lazing on the beach, walking in high hills, sailing and strolling around historic towns and old cities are some of the many options for times when you want to give your legs a rest.


For high rise views…. But with little effort: Take a cable car to the high point of Std in Dubrovnik for a fabulous view of the old city and a visit to the Homelands War museum.

For delicious dining out: Feast on Croatian fish stew or beef goulash (great food after a day of cycling.)

For unique wines: Croatia doesn’t export wine so the only place to taste their full-bodied reds and fresh white wines is in Croatia. Order home country wine in restaurants or visit one of many vineyards.

For delicious aromas: As you cycle along, breathe in the wonderful scent of fruits and flowers.

For long, sunny days: Croatia boasts many months of sunshine-filled days that are perfect for cyclists.


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