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Where are the Lofoten Islands?
2 Min Read
10 June 2019
Where are the Lofoten Islands?

At 68° N, the Lofoten Islands are well within the Arctic Circle and form Norway's largest island archipelago jutting out from the mainland over 1350 km north of Oslo.



Despite their far-flung frontier feel the Lofoten Islands are well-connected to the Norwegian mainland by ferry and daily flights from Oslo (via Bodø ). The adventure begins in earnest when you arrive in Bodø, the gateway to Lofoten, from here take the ferry to Moskenes on the most southerly island of the archipelago, Moskenesøya. On our Walking in the Lofoten drive & hike trip, you'll follow the unbelievably scenic E10 road - wind your way north between magnificent fjords and mountains that drop steeply into the sea on causeways and bridges all the way to the fishing village of Svolvær on Austvågøya island. On the way, you'll take in the best hikes the islands have to offer and explore at your own pace.

What's the accommodation like?



Immerse yourself in the Norwegian way of life; take things easy, revel in time spent outdoors, and try some super fresh seafood perhaps followed by a Norwegian waffle topped with homemade berry compote and sour cream - delicious! To help you on your way to adapting to the laid-back Lofoten way of life you'll be staying in old fishermen's cabins or "rorbuer" that are synonymous with the archipelago. These charming wooden cabins, often painted in jaunty shades of red and yellow, located along the coast, if not directly over the sea on stilts then slightly inland in the islands' fishing villages of old.


Originally built to house fishermen, who came to the region to fish for cod on their annual migration, the cabins are now beautifully restored and individually styled. Therefore, each rorbuer has a special home-from-home feel; most have a bedroom, small seating area or living-room with a kitchenette and a bathroom.



What will I see in the Lofoten?


The scenery here is almost unreal in its wilderness beauty. Our suggested walks take in the perfect blend of iconic viewpoints and remote fjords, summits, and rugged coastline. You'll have no problem finding your way each day with our GPS smartphone navigation app. But, I'll let our trip snaps speak for themselves.



This is a once-in-a-lifetime trip! And with its unbelievable landscapes, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, delicious seafood, unique accommodations, and wildlife (think white-tailed sea eagles and moose) there's something for everyone. What are you waiting for?! Check out our tour page or email one of our specialists to begin your booking journey.

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