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Why book a cycling holiday in Austria?
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28 April 2017
Why book a cycling holiday in Austria?
If you are looking for ideas for a cycling holiday in a beautiful and fascinating country, how about Austria? Let us give you a few hints as to why it might be the perfect place for your next trip.

Austria: A bit of detail

Landlocked and bordering some seven other countries, Austria is at the heart of Central Europe. Its capital is Vienna, a beautiful and cultural city, and the main language is German. The landscape is characterised by mountains, pastures and lakes, while one of the world’s most rivers, the Danube, winds through the country. There are many examples of fabulous architecture, especially baroque, and famous names such as Mozart, Strauss and Freud are connected to Austria. The country’s notable regions include the northern Bohemian Forest, Traunsee Lake and the eastern hillside vineyards. The currency is the Euro and many airlines and trains head form across Europe to Austria.

9 reasons to cycle in Austria

[caption id="attachment_23418" align="aligncenter" width="900"]Danube loop Stunning scenery on the Danube[/caption] 1 Something for all cyclists There is a wide variety of landscape from high and winding mountain roads to flat lake and river-side trails and everything in between for cyclists to ride. However, wherever you choose to go, and according to your age, fitness levels and aspirations, you can be assured of beautiful views. Two way-marked routes, the Danube Cycle Path and Lake Constance Cycle Path, have long proven to be popular with cyclists, especially families and those new to cycling [caption id="attachment_23405" align="aligncenter" width="1500"] Cycling on the Danube Cycle Path.[/caption] 2 Explore the Danube Cycle Path For cyclists who are new to the activity or trying their first cycling holiday, the popular Danube Cycle Path is a great choice. The waymarked path, which is mostly flat or a little undulating, passes through Austria as it journeys some 1,800 miles from the river's source in Germany to the Black Sea. The Austrian Danube is one of the most famous cycles route in Europe and most cyclists head downstream, from Passau (Germany) to Vienna in Austria. In fact, the river represents the natural border between Germany and Austria. [caption id="attachment_23407" align="aligncenter" width="1500"] Austria's famous landscapes.[/caption] 3 Go by bike and boat Macs Adventure offers a number of cycling tours in Austria and some of the most popular combine bike and boat. This means you can cycle as far as you want each day, according to the schedule, and then board the traditional river boat for your overnight accommodation. Many families like this holiday format because it means that if little legs tire, there is the option to board the boat early. It also means you do not need to pack and unpack your overnight luggage each time you stop/set off. All your clothes etc stay on the boat and you get off to cycle each day. [caption id="attachment_23410" align="aligncenter" width="1500"] Go far each day, or take it easy.[/caption] 4 The Lake Constance Cycle Path Lake Constance is a beautiful stretch of water fringed by three countries, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It measures 40 miles long and is narrow enough to see across. The cycle path travels around the shore, extending to 170 miles, and offers cyclists a broad, flat, traffic-free and signposted route. Many cyclists ride the full distance of the cycle path over a week or more, such as on a Classic Lake Constance Cycle Path Tour. A highlights tour of Lake Constance by bike is perfect for people who have less time to spare, while a Lower Lake Constance tour is ideal for a short break and includes three days of cycling. The Lack Constance cycle tours offer wonderfully easy-going riding and a chance to take in a number of attractions, such as Europe’s largest waterfalls, the Rhine Falls, the medieval Swiss town of Stein am Rhein, the spa town of Gailingen and the monastic island of Reichenau. [caption id="attachment_23406" align="aligncenter" width="1500"] Austria is perfect for family cycling holidays.[/caption] 5 Austria is great for families Many more families are enjoying the chance to explore by bicycle in Europe. A cycling holiday offers a great combination of fresh air, exercise and visiting new and exciting places. In Austria, there are plenty of choices for families including the Danube Family Cycling Adventure, the Bike and Boat options on the Danube and a new tour, Family Lake Constance Cycle Path. The family cycling holidays are designed with children in mind. They stick to mainly traffic-free routes, have shorter days on the bike and offer the chance to visit child-friendly attractions. 6 Stay in one place – and explore by bike A cycling holiday does need to be from A to B, instead it can be centre based. This means you stay in one place for the holiday and explore different routes by bike each day. Many people, especially those who are new to cycling holidays, enjoy a centre based holiday. You get to know your base really well because you can explore it before and after every bike ride. Also, you do not need to be continually on the move, packing up an unpacking your luggage each day. Centre-based holidays also offer a lot of flexibility because you can choose each day whether you ride your bike, or not. The Macs Adventure Centre-based Lake Constance Cycle Path holiday allows cyclists to explore a number of routes each day using a combination of bike and lake ferries. Highlights include the town of Stein am Rhein, the botanical wonder of Mainai Island and the Megovian Castle of Meersburg via the Bavarian Riviera old island town of Lindau. [caption id="attachment_23409" align="aligncenter" width="1500"] Salzburg is the birth place of Mozart and a stunning city to visit.[/caption] 7 Learn about a legend The classical composer Wolfgang Mozart is remembered at his birthplace of Salzburg in Austria. The Mozart Cycle Path holiday is the ideal way to discover more about this legendary figure as you visit the picturesque town of Salzburg and various poignant locations and attractions along the way. For example, the first stage of the cycle tour leads you through the beautiful Salzkammergut, along the Tauern cycle path to the “Silent Night” chapel in Oberndorf. This chapel is the site where the world-famous Christmas Carol, written by Mozart, was first performed in 1818. You’ll also visit Seeon, where there is a monastery that was repeatedly visited by Mozart. [caption id="attachment_23408" align="aligncenter" width="1500"] See more of Austria by bike.[/caption] 8 Stay for longer You could choose to ride further along the River Danube, for example, into neighbouring countries, or stay for a few nights in the capital city of Vienna. Austria has plenty of fascinating and historic places to visit so it would be a shame to leave it before you have seen more. Macs Adventure can arrange for you to extend your holiday with more cycling or a stay in a town or city. 9 Eat and drink – and be merry Foodies will love Austria’s delicious foods and drinks, including spicy goulash, Wiener Schnitzel with potato salad, delicious cheeses, fluffy apple strudel and chocolatey Sacher Torte, all washed down with a gold-hued beer, a tasty cider or one of Austria’s famed wines. Spoilt for choice? Take another look at the variety of cycling holiday options in Austria.

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