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Why choose an A to B cycling tour?
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04 May 2015
Why choose an A to B cycling tour?
Cycling holidays come in many shapes and sizes but choosing one that takes you from A to B on a defined route can be very rewarding. Here are eight reasons to choose a cycling holiday that travels from point to point each day. A sense of purpose: A to B routes over multiple days are a great focus for a cycling holiday. It doesn’t matter if you ride 10 miles each day or 100 miles every day, you will enjoy the feeling of travelling from start to finish. Knowing the plan: A cycling holiday that is based in one place offers the opportunity to choose a different cycle route in the locality of your accommodation each day. In this way, you might be spoilt for choice. On an A to B tour you will know each day that there is a plan and that you are required to reach your next night of accommodation. Knowing a plan can be very comforting. Rising to a challenge: If you choose to do an A to B route that challenges your fitness levels there will be the mixture of fear and joy that comes with knowing that you must cycle a set distance each day. The rewards of rising to this challenge and achieving what you set out to do each day, and over the course of the entire trip, is incredibly uplifting. default-4 Getting to know like-minded people: Many classic A to B cycle routes attract other riders so there is a high chance you will ride up to and alongside like-minded people. It can be lovely to chat to other riders for a spell before carrying on in your own smaller group. Lots of variety: Through the course of an A to B cycling tour you are very likely to ride a mix of terrain from flatlands, through undulating hills to mountain passes (if it’s a higher altitude tour). You’ll likely enjoy the changing scenery and the new places that you reach day after day. [caption id="attachment_16007" align="aligncenter" width="550"]large-17 Classic cycle route on the Canal de Garonne.[/caption] Ticking off a classic: You could choose to ride a classic and well-known bike tour route such as Bordeaux to Toulouse on the cycle friendly Canal de Garonne, Scotland’s Route 7 Lochs and Glens, the Great Glen Cycleway , England’s C2C route or a stage of the Camino. Try new routes: The number of A to B routes are almost limitless. You can think some up yourself or let Macs Adventure show you a self-guided route. For example, how about Cycling Amsterdam to Bruges or Rural Northern Spain to the Capital of Barcelona or Cycling in Croatia from Split to Dubrovnik? large-19 No repetition: You will never (or rarely) have to repeat the same section of road twice. And a bonus reason - For the adventure: You won’t know the route or where you will be heading before you set off so it will all unfold as you cycle. Many riders enjoy this purer sense of cycling adventure.

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