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Why the Lake District isn't just for Mountain Goats!

Think of the Lake District and many people think of lofty fells, challenging terrain and difficult to navigate stretches of mountain ranges! Well, there is that - but there is also lots to suit the slightly less adventurous of us! 

During a recent review of our Lake District collection of holidays, I realised that we perhaps weren't catering for people exactly like me! People who want to enjoy walks with beautiful scenery with perhaps a good pub or two at the end of the day and a nice tearoom in which I can stop off for a cup of tea and a tasty slab of gingerbread! And who perhaps love being surrounded by the mountains but don't always like the effort it takes to get up there?? So with that in mind, I have developed our new range of tours in what I call the "Heart of the Lake District". 

Stop for a cream tea with amazing views!

These tours include some of the more gentle walks in the Lake District. From a stroll along the shores of Lake Windermere to the beautiful home of Beatrix Potter, Hill Top Farm to the great little fell walk which Alfred Wainwright himself sung the praises of, Helm Crag. On the latter of these two walks, you get to enjoy some of the finest views in the Lake District over the Helvellyn range and down to Grasmere, without a huge amount of effort (well, maybe just a tiny bit!).

These trips are centred in the honeypot Lake District towns of Ambleside, Grasmere and Keswick, all of which brim with life and have plenty to keep you entertained after your walk. Whether that be visiting the graves of William Wordsworth, sampling the goods of Sarah Nelson's famous gingerbread shop, or hopping on the bus along to Bowness to visit the Beatrix Potter museum. 

Hill Top - Beatrix Potter's former home

And the walks included require just enough effort that you won't feel bad for tucking into a hearty meal and a pint of Lake District brew in one of the many lovely local pubs!

If this sounds like your cup of tea (no pun intended!) then take a look at our Heart of the Lake District tours here and don't hesitate to contact one of our specialists for more information. 

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