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Wine greats: Walking and cycling

It’s a delightful coincidence that so many of the best walking and cycling areas of Europe also boast a treasure trove of delicious tasting wines. Here we showcase 10 of our favourite places to walk or cycle, where you can also sample a glass or two of the white or red stuff. Did you know that Croatia makes its own fabulous wines, but doesn’t export a single bottle? The reasoning is that there is enough wine for businesses to serve up and for the locals to drink, yet not enough to sell overseas. So when you’re in Croatia, on a walking trip such as Treasures of the Dalmatian Coast or cycling on one of three trips, Istria’s Wine Roads , Island Hopping Dubrovnik to Split or Split to Dubrovnik, it is essential that you try a glass or two at some point. Cycling Lake Balaton in Hungary offers three great holidays themes: Delightful pedalling, warm lake swimming and wine tasting at cellars serving up the famous Badacsony wine. default-3 Walking in Hungary, in Budapest and the Buk National Park, offers plentiful opportunities for indulging in a little wine tasting. Walking through the many vineyards will only encourage you towards the little wine cellars that stock the country’s fabulously robust wines. The clue is in the title of this German walking holiday, the Moselle Valley Wine Trail. So many delicious wines, so many wine estates where the famous Moselle Reisling is grown and so many cellars to tempt you inside. It will be a wonder if you actually do any walking! The Baden Red Wine Trail is for walkers who appreciate a fine glass of red at the end of a rewarding day on the trail. Enjoy a self-guided walking tour through the tranquil forests and vineyards of the north-western Black Forest, including Sasbachwalden, which is officially recognised as one of Germany’s prettiest small towns. default-4 The Loire Valley is acclaimed as a wine region and a Loire Valley Trails walking holiday will take you to the village of Vouvray, which is famous worldwide for its eponymous wine. The Barolo Vineyard Walking Trail winds its way through Piedmont, Italy’s hidden paradise for wine connoisseurs (and gourmets). It explores the Langhe region, set between the Alps and the Apennine mountains, which is the home of one of Italy’s top red wines: the Barolo. Tell us your favourite wine areas or regions for a walking or cycling holiday.
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