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Wow! Thanks for your donations to Friends of Nevis
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26 March 2014
Wow! Thanks for your donations to Friends of Nevis
Ben Nevis from the Great Glen Way We'd like to thank YOU, our adventurers, for raising £1333.20 for the Friends of Nevis conservation charity. Outstanding generosity! Joy Biggin of Friends of Nevis said: "We are amazed by the amount your clients have donated, and thank them very much." When you book a trip online with Macs Adventure, your specialist will turn into a busy bee, booking you their favourite accommodations, arranging the route notes and guide books you'll need, and making sure your luggage is transferred and any other arrangements are made. But, the one thing which is out of our hands is the wild landscape itself. Ben Nevis SignThe natural landscape is the reason for your trip. Without the beauty of the rocks, trees, mountains and rivers, well, there wouldn't be a walking or cycling trip worth taking! And although wild landscapes are beautiful because they are just that, wild, they still need protection. If you've booked on our website recently, you will have noticed the option to donate to Friends of Nevis, and so many of you did. Thank you for raising £1333.20!

Who are Friends of Nevis?

Friends of Nevis is a community based conservation charity which aims to preserve, protect and support iconic Ben Nevis and the surrounding landscape, in order that it may be enjoyed by many generations to come.

Where will the donations go?

Joy Biggin says; "The money will be put to good use - a section of one of the riverside paths needs urgent repair, and this will enable us to get that done as soon as possible". Macs Adventure have recently become a member of another organisation, the John Muir Trust (http://www.jmt.org/), encouraging donations towards the conservation of such gorgeous places. So if you are thinking of taking a trip with us, please consider donating just a small amount when you book. Or, you can find out more about how you can donate to the Friends of Nevis charity here: http://www.friendsofnevis.co.uk/
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