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Today is… Lost Sock Memorial Day
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09 May 2016
Today is… Lost Sock Memorial Day
It’s almost inevitable, isn’t it? For every load of laundry that you sort through there is often an odd sock – or two or three. It has happened so many times in my family that we each have a rather forlorn pile of single socks sitting on top of a chest of drawers. We wait – and hope – that the sock partner will come out of the washing cycle at some point. Sadly, in some cases that other sock never does materialise and we are left wondering where on earth it has gone to. Well, today is when we remember those lost socks – and celebrate the pairs that we still have!

Research shows families lose 60 socks annually

A study has revealed that a family of four will lose up to 60 socks every year – and the cost can be as much £240 per family in lost socks. Other interesting finds in the UK survey, which was carried out by laundry specialists Dr. Beckmann, include:
  • Northern men are top of the list as the most likely victims of sock disappearances, with 67 per cent reporting that they lose up to 15 socks a year.
  •  Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds are the next most likely places for socks to go missing.
  • Black socks are the most likely candidates to go missing, with 78 per cent of those surveyed complaining that these are the most difficult sock colour to pair up after a washing cycle.
  • Men aged 14 to 25 are at a higher risk of missing socks syndrome and 82 per cent admit to wearing odd socks on a weekly basis as a result.
  • Conversely, females in the same age bracket are most likely to be able to keep track of their sock pairs as only 21 per cent said that they regularly lost a sock in the wash each week.
As Laura Unsworth, of Dr. Beckmann, said: “Where the socks go is one of life’s great mysteries – clearly this is causing some distress and a great deal of inconvenience to Britain’s washing population.”

IMG_0434My own odd socks pile

I don’t mind the everyday style of socks that go missing because I simply wear odd socks. If they feel the same on my feet I don't really mind if one is blue and patterned with flowers and the other is white with coloured stripes. My daughter learned from a young age that wearing odd socks would make life a lot easier in our home. She sometimes exclaims out loud when she finds she is wearing a proper pair! However, I do mind when I lose a much-liked walking sock. The thickness and style of these socks is usually a one-off match and it feels odd to wear socks of different thicknesses or lengths. Running socks that go missing are another annoyance because I like to have an even thickness of socks in my trainers when running. My strategy in recent years has bee to buy multiple pairs of the same style of running sock so that even if one has a pink toe and the other has a blue toe they matching terms of “feel” on my foot. I usually buy two pairs of the same walking sock, too, so that there is a good chance I’ll have a pair from four single socks. Every so often I give up on the lost socks ever finding their partner again and throw them in the bin. What usually happens next is that a partner or two will show up, appearing like a naughty kitten from behind a basket or a piece of furniture. I bet I am not the only one!

Three pairs of walking socks I've loved and lost

Today I remember these socks: 213_grey_1 Merino ProTrek - Technical Walking Sock Super soft, easy to wear and great for preventing blisters when walking. SAMSUNG CSC Teko Merino Hiking Socks – Medium Cushion Crew Height A great fitting sock with merino wool and lovely cushioning. 627_mf_trekker_wmn_436_blue Bridgedale MerinoFusion Trekker Women's socks. Again, merino wools makes these soft and comfortable. The extra Coolmax/polyester mix gives a feeling of coolness, too.

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