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Our Journey Towards Achieving B Corp Certification
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21 June 2024
Our Journey Towards Achieving B Corp Certification

Striving for a Sustainable Future

Working towards our B Corp accreditation and being part of our purpose team at Macs is genuinely thrilling for me because it's all about merging business with a deep commitment to social and environmental good.

Being in a role where I'm not just focused on profit but also on making a real difference is incredibly rewarding. It's a place where innovation isn't just encouraged - it's a part of our daily routine, pushing us to find new ways to benefit the planet and our communities. There's a strong sense of camaraderie, too, as I'm surrounded by like-minded colleagues who are all striving for similar impactful goals. 

Head of Brand Marketing in Cinque Terre

Having a Positive Impact

Macs Adventure was established over 20 years ago and being walking and cycling holidays, our trips are inherently low impact. However, we’ve identified there’s so much more we should and can do as a business to ensure our entire business is as sustainable as possible, and that we’re benefitting local communities in as many ways as possible. As Head of Brand at Macs, my real passion lies in telling stories, about our customers, local partners, and our purpose partners. My goal is to inspire and educate audiences that self-guided travel is truly the best way to see the world, and positively impact the people and places that you visit on our routes. 

Two female hikers speaking to a local man next to a boat in Cinque Terre

Being Part of a Sustainable Movement

I’m immersed in the latest and innovative sustainable business practices, which is both a challenge and a reward, offering endless opportunities for personal and professional growth. Plus, knowing that my work contributes to a global movement redefining business success adds an extra layer of excitement. The high levels of engagement and satisfaction I experience come from this alignment between my values and our corporate mission, fostering a work environment that feels both positive and purposeful. 

Three female hikers on the Catalan Coast

Our Progress Towards Achieving B Corp Status

Since beginning our B Corp journey in 2023, we’ve made some signification steps towards earning B Corp status. Discover what we’ve been doing and how we’ve been doing it: 

  • Reducing our Carbon Footprint: We’ve put our entire business through a carbon count bootcamp to measure our greenhouse gas emissions and create a plan to reduce our carbon emissions. Find out more >  
  • Path Stewardship: We prioritise sustainable and responsible travel through our path stewardship, maintenance, and restoration initiatives. We believe in preserving the natural beauty of the landscapes we explore, ensuring they remain pristine for future generations. Find out more >  

  • Reducing Plastic and Paper Waste: We're committed to reducing single-use plastic and paper waste by partnering with responsible suppliers and digitising customer documentation to promote sustainability in the travel industry. Find out more >  

  • Our Impact Report: For 20 years, Macs Adventure has led in crafting low-impact trips. Learn about our achievements, challenges, and future goals in this report. Find out more > 
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