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Five things to know about an E-Bike
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01 February 2022
Five things to know about an E-Bike

1. You still need to pedal:  there was a weird misconception when e-bikes first hit the market that using one is "cheating". The rumour was that the battery would work almost like a motorbike or "push" bike when you needed it. This couldn't be any further from the truth! On an E-Bike, you still need to pedal to make the bike go forwards. You can add more power from the battery with the touch of a button to assist you - but the bike doesn't move unless you are actively pedalling it. Thankfully this misconception has now become folklore as E-Bikes are now making an impact in all sectors of the Cycling world. From easy-going cycle touring to e-mountain biking, road cycling and modern-day city bikes to help tourists and commuters move around. We also have it on good authority that many hardened road cyclists or "roadies" are even hiring "road e-bikes" to assist them in climbing up the iconic Tour de France racing routes every year. 

You still need to pedal

2. E-Bikes are heavier than standard bikes: Modern e-bikes are becoming lighter and lighter, but, of course, they are heavier than most "normal" bikes because they have a battery pack attached to them. The good news is that the electric power balances out the bike's weight, so you won't notice it as you pedal. However, be careful when picking the bike up off the ground, as they can feel quite cumbersome compared to a classic hybrid or road bike.

3. The battery packs do have limits. These vary from bike to bike, but on average, you should be able to get around 40-50 miles with relaxed cycling and using it mainly for tackling hills. It's important to remember that if you use up all the battery charge on the flats, you will have none left for going uphill or reaching your final destination. Be sure you charge it at your accommodation after checking in, so it's ready to go the following morning. 

4. They are great for group cycling: E-bikes provide an even playing field for all types of cyclists. Suppose you drift at the back after joining a group of cycling buddies where you struggle to keep up or your first-timer and want to go on a cycling holiday with your cycling daft partner? The e-bike gives you the freedom to take charge and not hold anyone back.

5. How much does it cost to upgrade to an E-Bike?: The price varies depending on the tour and the country. We source the bike hire suppliers in the area you are cycling and go by their local rates. On average, expect to pay around a minimum of €50 to €120 per bike on top of the standard cost of a classic hybrid.

E-bikes are now available on most Macs Adventure Cycling Tours. You can browse our collection of E-Bikes tours here and if you have any questions, get in touch with our knowledgeable team!

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