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10 reasons to book a walking holiday
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04 September 2014
10 reasons to book a walking holiday

Do you enjoy walking? Have you thought about stepping up your hobby and taking it to new or different places?  Perhaps you are thinking about a walking holiday or tour. Many more people are discovering how enjoyable it is to head off for a walking holiday in a new location or country. Here we bring you 10 great reasons to go on a walking holiday. 1)   Walking is for all. Whatever you fitness levels, experience or walking ability there is a walking holiday for you. You can choose to walk every day and for many miles or walk only for a few days over a week’s tour. Check the grading of Macs Adventure walks to see which one will suit your aspirations. 2)   Come home fitter: Many people love a holiday but not the reading on the bathroom scales when they return home. For too many holidaymakers a holiday means piling on the weight as they eat and drink too much and laze by the pool or at the beach. But on a walking holiday you will be keeping fit and burning calories every day so you can enjoy indulging in your daily meals without worry about putting on weight. default 3)   Walk with friends: A walking holiday is a great way to enjoy time with likeminded friends. Make sure you are all of a similar fitness level and book somewhere that you collectively fancy going. Walking holidays allow you lots of time for talking and catching up on life, work and stories. 4)   Walk all year round: Whatever the season, there is a walking holiday to suit you. If you prefer to walk where it’s warm, especially during the UK winter months, book a holiday to winter sun locations. For autumn walking holidays check out our recent blog. There are also plenty of spring and summer options in Europe. Then again, if you like the beauty and challenge of winter walking, head to Scotland, northern England or how about Iceland? 5)   Book early: … And take advantage of Early Birds deals. default-1 6)   The right pace: Walking is a superb way to see new places. On foot you will see things, such as wildlife, that you would not encounter when driving. See wildlife walking tours. You’ll also enjoy the scenery first hand and up close, and get to meet local people. 7)   To see more: Combine walking with driving on a “drive and hike” holiday or the train for a “rail and hike” trip. You can enjoy the best of a variety of locations in one country or region. 8)   Tick off a trail: There are many great walking trails including the popular West Highland Way, the South West Coastal Path in England and the Camino de Santiago route. See UK national trails. 9)   Time out: Walking takes you away from the hustle and bustle of your ordinary life. When walking, people tend to forget about their mobile phone and switch off from social media and the internet. In fact, many walking areas do not have internet or phone signals so you can enjoy the chance to truly get away from it all. 10) For family time: Family walking holidays are a great way to reconnect with your partner and children. Exploring on foot is a fun and interesting and when you are walking you will naturally talk. In fact, it’s been found that families that walk together are better communicators. Tell us why you love walking. 


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