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And Relax….. Easier Walking & Cycling Holidays for All
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16 January 2014
And Relax….. Easier Walking & Cycling Holidays for All
"Active travel" is very much becoming a buzz term just now, with more and more holidaymakers opting for something a bit more fulfilling than the traditional "fly & flop" beach holiday. A walking holiday or cycling holiday is invigorating, allows you to visit corners of your destination you may otherwise have not discovered, and leaves you with a sense of achievement each day. Great, right? Don't worry, you're not alone if you are thinking "but I'm taking time OFF.....to relax!". Thankfully, there are plenty walking holiday & cycling holiday options that strike a (very) happy balance. In the words of our recent adventurer Phil who described himself as "trying something new" when he reviewed his walking break in Italy: "Great to have a holiday that meets a balance between eating, drinking, and the requisite amount of physical activity to keep it all in balance." Balance, that's what it is all about. By all means, indulge (you're on holiday after all!), but that added level of activity means that you are refreshed, and feel rewarded by all those little indulgences (and by that I mean it cancels out that post-holiday pasta-and-wine-binge guilt!). Try these trips, all graded easy to moderate, are perfect for an active holiday that's more "café culture" than your average walking or cycling trail. Explore Puglia on Two Wheels Puglia in Italy's south-east was voted one of National Geographic Traveller's best trips of 2014. An emerging destination, Puglia offers history, unique tradition, and remains relatively unexplored compared to many "household name" Italian regions. Described as "like riding through an open-air museum", you'll not even notice you're burning so many calories! (It is pretty warm though, so don't opt for high-summer). Walking Moorish Andalucia iStock_000010628015SmallDrive & Hike.... our recent blog highlighted the benefits of this format of walking holiday (freedom, see more places...). Andalucia is everything you dream it to be. Iconic cities, almost unbelievable beautiful architecture, and glorious open countryside, bathed in culture and tradition. A Spanish holiday with a twist!   Take Your Time, Inhale the Lavender, Walk Provence! lavebder wayThe terrain in the region means that this walking in Provence, although in beautiful and relaxed surroundings, can be a little more challenging. This drive & hike format allows flexibility to take your time, complete the walks you want to, and go "off itinerary" if you wish. We save the best for last on this trip...a hydro-massage with lavender salts at the Montbrun Spa. Now if a Lavender spa-session doesn't say "relax", we don't know what does! A Classic: Cycling the Danube Cycle Path schloegen5__ooe._tourismus__weissenbrunner_Easy cycling along mostly flat cycle paths, following the (downhill!) flow of the Blue Danube. A treasure trove of culturally significant cities, vineyards, traditional towns, and wonderful scenery. For the ultimate relaxed trip, bike and boat is a great option.      
Frances McCann

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Frances McCann
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