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Dear BT Business Broadband,
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31 July 2009
Dear BT Business Broadband,
Dear BT Business Broadband, We've been together for so long, it was so beautiful, but I think it is over. How did we get here? We had been together for years! We had been so happy! But you had to go and ruin it! So how did we get here?
  • You called me up and offered to upgrade my BT Business Broadband, reduce the price and of course sign me up to another two year contract (the T&C's of which are a mystery). Great news and of course I said "YES PLEASE".
  • On Thursday you sent me a kind automated email telling me the upgrade was complete and we were wedded to each other for the duration of the contract. I was so excited and it almost felt like my wedding day all over again.
  • The honeymoon was short lived and the connection started playing up on Friday, things went down hill over the weekend and I started to think we were not a marriage made in heaven on Monday when you just couldn't deliver your side of the bargain. You couldn't hold your connection so for me that meant -  No Internet, no phones (we use voip), no reservation system, no business, no bookings.
  • I understand that the start of any relationship can be rocky so I called BT Business Broadband Customer Service. You were so loving, told me you understood my problem, knew it was important to me, were doing everything to help and even gave me a call reference number so I felt valued and like something was being done.
  • You asked for my IT guy to come on site and help you fix our problems, they were here for hours, you spoke, you said that it was you, not me, you were going to change. It was going to be fixed asap.
  • It wasn't fixed!
  • We still had our problems on Tuesday.
  • We spoke on the phone, told you the same story each time. Each time you said it was you not me.
  • You said you would call me back. You didn't call. I called you and we started again.
  • I emailed, you said you would reply, you didn't
  • I called, we started again, you said you were sorting everything out.
  • It's Friday afternoon. My connection with you is still broken. I feel so disappointed that you have let me down like this.
  • Where do we go from here? Is divorce the only option or can we reconcile? We've been together for years, I thought you cared but it seems not.
So BT Business Broadband, your technical support is terrible, your customer service and call handling is even worse and no matter how many times I call you you can't fix my problem. I think it's time for me to leave, to say goodbye and shed a tear. I so wanted to stay but you have made it impossible. Goodbye All my love Neil With apologies to "It's over Vodafone. I'm leaving You."
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