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Nine European foodie highlights
2 Min Read
20 January 2017
Nine European foodie highlights

Trying new foods and discovering the traditional dishes of different countries is a highlight for many holidaymakers. Fortunately, if you are on a walking or cycling holiday you can enjoy these meals guilt free because you will be burning extra calories with each day’s activity. We take you on a whistle-stop tour of some of Europe’s foodie gems. For more of our favourite dishes from around the world, see our Route Notes Travel magazine.

1 Pierogi in Poland

Pierogi is a dumplings dish that is traditionally baked or fired in butter with onions — and almost always served with sauerkraut. They can be vegetarian (in Poland, that means potatoes) or with ground meat. There are even restaurants dedicated to pierogi. (See main picture.)

2 Weisswurst in Bavaria

Bavarian weisswurst. 

A Bavarian Weisswurst translates as white sausage. It is made from minced veal and pork back bacon and is usually flavoured with parsley, lemon, mace, onions, ginger and cardamom, although there are some variations. Weisswürste are traditionally made in the early morning and eaten as a snack between breakfast and lunch. In fact, there is a saying that the sausages should not be allowed to hear the noon chime of the church bells. This is because they are made without preservatives and need to be eaten fresh. Traditional Weisswurst is served with sweet mustard and a soft pretzel. Sample Weisswurst on a walking holiday in Bavaria or a Bicycle Beer Trail of Bavaria.

3 Goulash in Hungary

Hungarian goulash soup.

The Hungarians have been eating goulash for centuries. It’s usually a thick stew, or sometimes a soup, with meat and vegetables, seasoned with paprika. It’s best served in a bread bowl and with a beer.

4 Prsut in Slovenia

Prsut in Slovenia.

Thanks to the strong winds like the Bora, which blows briskly from the cold Alps towards the warm Mediterranean, Karst dry-cured ham called prsut has a distinctive and delicious taste. The Slovenian dish of wind cured karst prosciutto ham is a must on a holiday to Slovenia, such as walking in the Mountains & Lakes of the Julian Alps.

5 Pa amb tomaquet in Catalonia

Pa amb tomaquet is a tasty snack in Catalonia.

Recommended by Macs Adventure Tour Development Specialist Jo Payne, who is a keen cyclist and loves Catalonia. She says: “For a simple but delicious dish try pa amb tomaquet (bread with tomato). It comprises salt, oil, garlic and then tomato rubbed on toast. “The tomatoes in Catalonia aren’t your average tomatoes though, they are special; very juicy and with an incredibly intense flavour.” Enjoy a cycling holiday in Catalonia, where you can eat Pa am Tomaquet to your heart’s content.

6 Many foodie treats of Tuscany

Pappa al pomodoro is a bread tomato soup.

It is difficult to pick just one food to try in the culinary region of Tuscany, Italy, so we have cheated and highlighted three. Pappa al pomodoro is a bread tomato soup, which differs from town to town, but has three main ingredients: Stale bread, juicy tomatoes and Tuscan olive oil. Then there’s spinach and ricotta ravioli, as well as potato tortelli, and the amazing chestnut cake called Castagnaccio. You’ll need to book a walking holiday in Tuscany to ensure you can eat all these delights without putting on weight!

7 Crepes in France

Besides baguettes, there’s nothing more French than a crepe, savoury or sweet. The best crepes are the simplest ones and can be found throughout France. We’ll not say anymore, because it’s the testing and savouring of all the many flavours that proves the crepe to be such a highlight on a French holiday. 
Who can resist a delicious French crepe?

8 Haggis in Scotland

Don’t be put off by the description (or appearance) of haggis. It’s traditionally made from sheep’s stomach stuffed with oats and spices but it’s really tasty and a must-try. An alternative is vegetarian haggis. Haggis is usually served with neeps and tatties (mashed turnips and potatoes). 
Traditional plate of haggis, neeps and tatties.

9 Truffles of Istria

World acclaimed white truffles

Istria in Croatia is recognised for some of the highest quality truffles in the world, especially the white truffle that is said to rival even those of Italian regions of Alba and Piedmont. Want to try? Book a Macs Adventure Istria: Vineyards & Villages holiday.

To begin planning or discussing your food, wine or gourmet themed walking or cycling tour contact a member of our team on info@macsadventure.com.


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