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Three (more) top walking socks
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13 December 2013
Three (more) top walking socks
There has been something of an explosion in walking socks in recent years. We have already blogged our guide to five great walking socks earlier in the year. But the pairs just keep coming and if you pop into any outdoors shop and you will see rack upon rack of walking socks.

Three top socks brands for walking

I have tested many, many brands of walking socks. But I always pick out my favourites when looking in my (large) socks drawer! A good pair of socks needs to be comfortable and well-fitting. What I look for in a good walking sock: I like socks with a longer ankle so they come high above my walking boots. Smooth or no seams to prevent rubbing. Double layers to prevent blisters. Padding at heel and ankle for extra comfort. Long-lasting qualities. Warmth. No whiff.

Darn Tough hiking socks

1906_yellowSocks that are guaranteed for life! That’s what Darn Tough offer and it is because of an amazing 1,441 stitches per square inch that this brand reckons they can make such big offers. They don’t think the socks will wear out but if they do they will replace them. So what’s in a Darn Tough sock?
  • The high-density knitting (see above)
  • A performance fit, including form-fitting toe boxes, sculpted heel pockets and knit-in elastic support at the arch
  • Merino wool for comfort, breathability and non-odour benefits
  • Coolmax blend that gives the wooliness of merino a bit of extra comfort and durability.
The Darn Tough socks are very comfortable. They feel great on the skin and very cosy when inside walking boots, even when walking the hills for many, many hours. There are many different hiking socks to choose from. See Darn Tough men and women.

SmartWool walking socks

SW724-044-1-pSmartWool does bright, colourful and wonderful things with Merino wool – and their socks showcase all these attributes. I love the socks with a liner that offer superb skin soft comfort. They also feature high-impact zones that provide extra comfort and durability in places such as the heel and underfoot. The socks have a supportive arch brace and areas of ventilation to keep feet dry and non-whiffy. Of course, merino wool is great at keeping the sweat odours down but the SmartWool designers don’t like to stop at “just ordinary”. I have worn a range of SmartWool socks and in the end your choice comes down to size, ankle height, where and when you will be hiking and design. Smartwool socks come with flower or stripe designs if you fancy or simply a bright colour! If you prefer boring old browns and beiges you can have those, too! Ellis Brigham sell a big range of SmartWool socks.

Bridgedale Woolfusion Summit socks

3C1102953131One of the warmest walking socks in their wide range are the Bridgedale Woolfusion Summit Socks. They boast lovely wool-rich cushioning features and are made to last a very long time. My partner and I have had a pair of Bridgedale socks each for many years and we still walk in them. I also like:
  • The Lycra cuff and instep to stop the socks slipping down my feet
  • The “Y-heel” for comfort where you need it
  • The smooth toe seams.
See Bridgedale socks Tell us about your favourite walking socks – and why.  

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