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Walk of the Week: Saxon & Bohemian Switzerland
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24 September 2014
Walk of the Week: Saxon & Bohemian Switzerland
Welcome to this week’s Walk of the Week. This week's Walk of the Week focuses on a trip which is a pub quiz question begging to be asked.   In which country is Saxon Switzerland?  The obvious answer of Switzerland has to be wrong, but where could it be?  The answer is Germany (and a bit of the Czech Republic) tucked in a lovely little corner far away from the modern world.   Here are the key facts on our outstanding Saxon & Bohemian Switzerland trip.    

In a Nutshell

•    Distance: 83 kilometres •    Grading: Easy to Moderate Here you will find river landscapes, fantastic weathered rock outcrops, flat-topped and offering superb views over unspoiled forests and across to castles and fortresses. This walking tour will introduce you to much of the finest countryside in this fascinating corner of Germany and the Czech Republic.

Where is it?

Saxon Switzerland lies either side of the River Elbe south of Dresden and crosses into the Czech Republic; the contrast between riverscapes and dramatic rock outcrops makes for a unique countryside.

Why walk it?

This is a hidden corner of the world, but bursting with outstanding features.  It is almost otherworldly at points with dramatic sandstone sculptures created by nature that will blow your mind.  Over six walking days enjoy a classic loop trail from Bad Schandau, which is easily reached from Dresden or Prague, with no more than 18km to walk each day. You’ll also enjoy occasional ferry crossings across the Elbe river between charming German towns and villages as part of your tour. On Day 6 you’ll cross the border and venture into the Czech Republic, walking to the Pravcicka brana, the largest natural rock arch in Europe, before returning to Bad Schandau.

Planning to Walk Saxon & Bohemian Switzerland

We have planned this route so that you really get the very best from the region and the main suggestion would be to buy a bigger memory card for your camera!  Our German specialists will be able to help you out with any questions you have about getting there or what to expect on the route. All the trips include accommodation, baggage transfer each day, and all the route notes and info you’ll need. The walking holiday is available from April to October with the summer months being the optimum time for getting the best weather, though spring and autumn have the bonus of being a bit quieter.  Contact info@macsadventure.com if you’d like more information. Get yourself right off the beaten track into this incredible area.  It has become a Macs Adventure favourite because of the unique nature of the area, so if you want to ask anything about the trip contact us on  info@macsadventure.com 

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