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Walk of the Week: The Lycian Way, Turkey
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20 May 2015
Walk of the Week: The Lycian Way, Turkey

Welcome to Walk of the Week, where we introduce a favourite walking trail each week. This week we're off to sunnier climes, Turkey, and walking the Lycian Way. Hope you feel inspired! lycian way

In a Nutshell

Distance: The full Lycian Way is over 500km! We have selected the most scenic sections on our tour, covering 151km which is manageable over 12 walking days. Grading: Moderate The Lycian Way follows ancient trade routes through some truly magnificent scenes of turquoise seas, ancient ruins, and mountain panoramas.

Where is it?

Our longest itinerary runs from Kakakoy to Cirali, along a stretch of Turkey's southwest coast. You can also opt for the West or East sections, if you only have around 1 week to walk the route.

Why walk it?

Love the sea? Expect to be spoiled with spectacular views of indigo and turquoise seas, with dramatic cliffs and sandy beaches abound, including the 12km sandy beach at Patara, one of the most beautiful in Turkey. There are plenty of opportunities for a quick refreshing swim in sheltered coves. coastal views lycian way Love history? Explore the ruins of the ancient cities of Lycia including Olympos, Xanthos and Aperlae. Vist the ghost town of Kayakoy (abandoned in the 1950's). See Patara’s 2,000 year old lighthouse remains (the world's oldest). Plus, the ancient remains of a Greco-Roman theatre, and Myra's honey-combed ruins cut out of the cliff face. And that's just to name a few! Ancient Ruins Turkey Love food? Pine honey, local olives, delicious meatballs, hummus... we could go on. And, of course, great walking on trails marked with the familiar red and white GR markings. We've recently overhauled this tour to make sure all the route notes and organisation is up to date, plus work was done on the waymarking last year to tie in with the updated guidebook being published, so now is a great time to take on the Lycian Way.

Planning to Walk the Lycian Way

What we would say, is that the Lycian Way better suited to experienced walkers as the navigating can occasionally be tricky for novices (although we do provide comprehensive route notes, a guidebook and map), as signposts and landmarks do change quite often. Walk from aperlae to Ramazan's jetty (2) Our alternative walking holiday, Turkey's Turquoise Coast, is in the same region but graded a bit easier and a good option for less experienced walkers, or those just wanting to relax a bit! Check out the 13 night Lycian Way Complete tour, which includes accommodation in delightful traditional pensions and small hotels, luggage transfers, and a comprehensive information pack here: http://www.macsadventure.com/holiday-1833/the-lycian-way-complete, or browse the options on our website. For info on visiting Turkey, Laura's recent blog has some more tips on navigating, safety, and time of year. Contact info@macsadventure.com if you’d like more information.

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