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Weekly Cycle: Wine Routes of Ancient Greece
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14 August 2015
Weekly Cycle: Wine Routes of Ancient Greece
This week we're pedalling the Peloponnese region of Greece, fuelled by wine and history!

In a Nutshell

Distance: 222km over 6 cycling days. Grading: Moderate.  There are a couple of challenging days on this route with elevation of up to 650m, but that balances out with some relaxing days, and there are plenty of fascinating spots to pause for breath! [caption id="attachment_17315" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Cycling a quiet road in Greece Day 1, cycling through the sunshine to reach Epidavros[/caption]

Where is it?

The Peloponnese is a large peninsula south west of Athens in Greece. Home to many vineyards, and many ancient sites including Ancient Nemea and the Ancient Minoan Palace of Mycenae. Easy to access from Athens.

Why cycle the Wine Routes of Ancient Greece?

Well, wine and history! In 2015 I took on this route and was simply stunned by the Anicent sites dotted along the way. [caption id="attachment_17318" align="aligncenter" width="300"]The Temple of Zeus at Ancient Nemea The Temple of Zeus at Ancient Nemea[/caption] Ancient myths and legends are brought to life as you stumble across truly spectacular ruins and marvel at the feats of engineering, and ponder the people and events of 1000s of years ago. [caption id="attachment_17316" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Ancient Mycenae Ancient Mycenae, Minoan Palace[/caption] And of course, the vineyards. Stopping at our first vineyard we were welcomed by the owner, offered a tour and some information, then the sampling began. A 30 minute stop turned into a 3 hour break as we sampled the produce, were offered home cooking, and became lost in conversation. A two night stay at the hilltop Semeli vineyard is a truly peaceful experience, with nothing but spectacular mountain views around, and outstanding wine to sample. [caption id="attachment_17323" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Sampling at Semeli Vineyard Sampling at Semeli Vineyard[/caption] You'll experience a side to Greece that most tourists sadly miss, meeting the exceptionally friendly people of the region. As we watched the bus tours arrive and depart some of the larger and more popular ancient sites, we couldn't help but feel a pang of pity for those not experiencing the land the way we were, as they followed their rigid timetable and missed the delightful towns and villages in-between. Independent cycling is the way to do it for sure. [caption id="attachment_17321" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Semeli Vineyard On the terrace at Semeli Vineyard. Peace & quiet![/caption]

Planning to Cycle the Peloponnese

Our itinerary offers comrehensive route notes and all the information you need to navigate around, including accommodation in a variety of locations from seaside towns to remote vineyards, wine tours and sampling sessions, and you can choose to hire standard hybrid or electric bikes (if you're worried about those hills!). [caption id="attachment_17319" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Greek Breakfast One of the many breakfast courses in Epidavros! Delicious.[/caption] You can contact our Macs Bike Specialists on info@macsadventure.com for  any advice or reservation enquiries, or see more about the wine roads of ancient Greece tour here.
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