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5 Good reasons to spend a holiday in Germany (by a German!)
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05 February 2021
5 Good reasons to spend a holiday in Germany (by a German!)

Alexandra Walking in Germany

Hi, I am Alex, Macs Adventure's new Intern from Germany. Don’t get me wrong: I have travelled a bit and enjoyed being in every single foreign country, but the more I travel, the more I also realize how beautiful my own home is. So, have you ever thought about spending your holiday in the country of Goethe & Schiller? If you are not quite convinced yet, here are 5 reasons why it is a good idea to go and get to know Germany with Macs Adventure.

1. It is all in the mix!

It’s a commonplace, but Germany’s historic buildings and castles are just amazing. Book Macs' King Ludwig Way Tour and get to know King Ludwig’s fairytale castle (which is the original, not the one in Disney Land), explore medieval towns on the Cities of the Holy Roman Empire Tour and the Rhine Neckar Bike and Boat or discover the Rhine Castles on the Rhine Castles Way. You will breathe history wherever you go! But at the same time, you will always find beautiful landscapes and unspoiled nature. Cycle around Lake Constance, walk across the Alps, through Bavaria and the Leutasch valley or discover Saxon & Bohemian Switzerland (in Germany!), a unique part of Eastern Germany with river valleys and dramatic rocks which might take your breath away. (See the details of all these walking holidays in Germany here)

2. You can count on us!

It might be a little bit boring, but the Germans are so reliable! Think about the famous German cars, and you know what to expect. And isn’t this a good thing while you are on holiday? Trains, busses, signs…no problems at all! We always want to be the best. So our hiking and cycling tracks are of excellent quality and well-marked. We even have a certification for them. If you want to walk or cycle on one of the “Top Trails Germany “ issues, try the Moselle Cycle Path.


3. Try something new!

Is Eastern Germany a black spot on the map for you? So why not getting to know some of the most beautiful and unspoiled places in Europe? And is there a better way than walking such scenery? Explore the amazing Elbe Sandstone Mountains in Saxon & Bohemian Switzerland and stay on for extra nights in UNESCO World Heritage site Dresden. Walk around Germany’s most beautiful Island Ruegen, whose cliffs were already favoured by the painters of the German Romantic School. 

4. We don’t need toasters and drink cold beer!

Food and Drinks in Germany are just (too) amazing!


Let’s start with breakfast: Our bread (real bread, no TOAST!) will be Germany’s first-ever entrance on the UNESCO list for intangible cultural heritage. Every region has its own type. What they all have in common: Crispy from the outside, nice and smooth inside (a miracle! That’s why we don’t need toasters) and just delicious. And it goes on like that. You will find local specialities wherever you go. Excellent tours to explore German landscape and cuisine at the same time are the Red Deer Trail and Baden Red Wine Trail near the Black Forrest, an area which is famous for its excellent restaurants with the cuisine on Michelin-Star-Level. So let’s go-to drinks: German beer is (probably) the best in the world! Caution: It is served cold! You can taste many regional beers wherever you go, especially in Bavaria. The best thing would be to do that on a traditional Volksfest in summer. Or if you prefer wine, go to Baden or the Moselle area and schedule a few wine tastings to your walk. On the Red Wine Trail you even receive a glass of local red wine at the end of each stage.

5. We are not so bad after all!

I know our reputation is a bit of a nightmare, but if you come to Germany, you will find out that we are not serious and boring at all but friendly, warm and welcoming people who are eager to present our beautiful country to new friends. (If all this couldn’t convince you to give it a try just one more thing: From July 2014 on you will spend your holidays in the country of the new football world champion!) I hope to see you soon in Germany!

Macs Adventure offers a range of walking & cycling tours in Germany which you can browse online.  



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