Walking a Pilgrimage or Camino route is unlike any other walking tour and is often something people dream of doing. From the Camino de Santiago in Spain to the Shikoku Trail in Japan, these paths can be found worldwide.

Often traveled solo or with a friend, people take to these routes for many reasons. To seek personal growth, discover more of a region, or just to take a break. Many have a sense of community and camaraderie, and you may meet fellow pilgrims along the way who you can exchange stories of your adventure with. 

Stay at locally run accommodations that are comfortable, cozy. Tuck into Pilgrim menus or a picnic lunch and spend the evenings enjoying hearty regional classics and local wine.

The paths are an extraordinary way to discover a destination, often taking you through several regions, peppered with churches and symbolic sites to admire. You’ll experience an array of cultures, cuisines, contrasting terrains and even climates, all in one trip. Who’s ready for a life-changing experience?

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Top Pilgrimages Tours

Immerse yourself with one of these meaningful journeys. 

    • Various official signpost keep you on track
    • Join fellow pilgrims on the Camino Frances
    • Full Camino in the bag...2 years on from a stroke!
    • The famous Cathedral of Santiago de Compostella
    • Walk the full Frances from St Jean to Santiago
    • Camino Frances is perfect for groups
    • "Have Fun" on the Camino Frances!
    • Camino themed treats at your accommodation
    • The customary photo after reaching Santiago
    • Pilgrim staffs trail side
    • New friendships on the Camino are so special
    • Laura at Macs walking alongside fellow pilgrims
    • Walk through ancient villages and pretty towns
    • Grab a picture next to some iconic Camino statues
    • Bright and colourful signage all over the Camino
    • Custom camino signage always keeps you on track
    • Painted rocks will guide you throughout the Camino
    • Expect a lot of varied terrain on the Camino
    • Official camino signage pointing the way
    • Make sure you adorn the famous scallop shell
    • On the way to Los Arcos
    40 Days 11 Tours

    Camino Frances

    Walk the world-famous Camino Frances from St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela.
    From $790.00
    • Camino signage will always keep you on Track
    • Benedetta from Macs walking the Camino Portugues
    • "Have Fun" on the Camino Portugues
    • Views as you walk into A Guarda
    • Sip on ruby port whilst in relaxing in Porto
    • Grab a drink at one of many beach bars
    • Handy boardwalks line parts of beach on the Camino
    • Long stretches of deserted golden beaches
    • Take in the beautiful rugged coastal sections
    • Walk the Camino Portugues Coastal Route
    • Handy boardwalks line parts of beach on the Camino
    • Sun coming down on elegant coastal towns
    • Friendly local having lunch by the sea
    • Take a break and just enjoy those coastal views
    • Benedetta from Macs out on the Camino Portugues
    • Serene setting of a boat floating in the water
    • Pretty windmills of Montedor near Viana do Castelo
    • Handy boardwalks line parts of beach on the Camino
    • Head to a beach bar for some refreshments
    • Change of scenery with some forest paths
    15 Days 3 Tours

    Camino Portugues Coastal Way

    Walk along the Atlantic coast on an interesting variation of the Camino Portuguese central route.
    From $940.00
    • Rolling hills and classic landscapes
    • Many types of trails and routes make
    • On the Fidenza to Aulla section
    • Hurrah - we almost made it, Rome in view
    • First stage in the mountains
    • Walk with friends and family if you choose
    • The rolling Tuscan hills
    • Rome at sunset
    • Follow in the footsteps of thousands of pilgrims
    • Pass through beautiful and historical towns
    • Iconic Tuscan landscapes
    • Well waymarked paths
    • Fill up on fabulous Italian cuisine along the way
    • Undulating and classic Chianti countryside
    • Checking your directions
    50 Days 7 Tours

    Via Francigena

    Walk the full Italian Via Francigena, one of Europe's great pilgrimages from the Swiss Alps to Rome
    From $1,305.00
    • Self guided Kumano Kodo trail walking holiday
    • Walk through traditional Japanese villages
    • Stay in traditional Japanese accommodation
    • Eat traditional and cultural Japanese cuisine
    • Walking through imposing trail with gigantic trees
    • Japan is home to many stunning traditional temples
    • Kumano Nachi Taisha Shinto shrine
    • Laura at Macs on the Kumano Kodo
    • Spend time in Kyoto and visit it's amazing temples
    • Enjoying open-air hot spring baths at Katsuura
    • Mountain views over tea plantations
    • Experience rural Japan
    • The infamous Japanese bullet train
    • Meet local people in the countryside
    • Bathe and relax at your ryokan accommodation
    • Enjoying dinner at a traditional minshuku
    • A typical dinner at a minshuku on the Kumano Kodo
    • Discover ancient memorials
    • Mountain views from your ryokan in Takahara
    • Vibrant vegetation and wooded paths
    • kumano-5-oku-1500x1000
    • Mountain views from the trail
    9 Days 2 Tours

    Kumano Kodo Trail - Kyoto to Osaka

    Walk the 11th century Kumano Kodo pilgrim’s trail through rural Japan.
    From $1,885.00
    • Camino signage always keeps you on track
    • Alternatie views of the Santiago Catherdral
    • Berta from Macs on the cobbled streets of Tui
    • Spend time in the wonderful city of Lisbon
    • Spend your evenings dining at cosy tapas bars
    • The iconic Santiago de Compostela Cathedral
    • Have fun on the Camino Portugues
    • Historic ruins at Coimbra
    • Platerias Square in Santiago
    • Symbol of the Camino Portugues
    • Pastis de Nata-A Portuguese staple
    • Delicious cheese and ham tapas
    • check out Eduardo VII park while in Lisbon
    • The funky umbrella festival in Agueda
    • Adhorn the famous Camino shell on your backpack
    • Idyllic bridge in Barcelos
    • Tapas overlooking Tui
    • Camino themed treats along the trail
    • Have fun on the Camino Portugues
    • New friendships on the Camino are so special
    • Get involved in the famous Camino comradery
    33 Days 8 Tours

    Camino Portugués - Full Walk

    Walk to Santiago through a lesser travelled side of Portugal, on the Camino Portugués central route.
    From $985.00
    • Cultural Shikoku statues along the trail
    • Spring is the best time to see the famous Blosssom
    • Indulge in wonderful Japanese cuisine
    • Shikoku Pilgrims in traditional attire
    • Shukubu Pilgrim's Lodging
    • Try delicious street food in Kyoto food markets
    • Prayer tokens on the trail
    • Elusive Geishas in Kyoto
    • Touching Shikoku shrines
    • Temple will become a familiar sight on the Shikoku
    • Temples will become a familiar sight on Shikoku
    • Pilgrimage way markers keep you on track
    • Traditional Japanese dining at your accommodatons
    • Japan is a foodie haven
    • Trail descending into a canopy of trees
    • Shikoku has paths full of traditional character
    • Forest trails on the Shikoku
    • Shikoku Pilgrims in traditional attire
    9 Days 2 Tours

    Shikoku Pilgrimage Trail

    Walk the highlights of the ancient 88 Temple pilgrimage trail on the island of Shikoku
    From $1,605.00
    • Pilgrims come from all over to walk the Camino's
    • Million year old rocks in the Basque Geopark
    • Classic Camino signage keeping you on track
    • Make your way to the iconic Santiago Cathedral
    • Las Catedrales beach
    • Mixture of terrain through the pilgrim paths
    • Sarah from Macs at the Basque Geopark
    • Sarah from Macs at the Basque Geopark
    • Bilbao is a wonderfully cultured city
    • Waymarkings will keep you on track
    • Waymarkings will keep you on track
    • Waymarkings will keep you on track
    • Stock up on water at these handy filling stations
    • Bump into fellow pilgrims and walk together
    • Hermitage Ribadesella
    • Terrain varies from stage to stage
    • Ensure you check some cosy Pinxto bars
    • The moody Cantabrian coast
    • Santiago, the end of the Camino del Norte
    • Spend a delightful evening in Santander
    • Santiago is the finishing point on the Camino
    • Visit cathedrals and churches along the way
    • Views along the Basque coastline
    • Indulge in grilled steak while in San Sebastian
    • San Sebastian is famous for it's wonderful food
    • Views of stunning San Sebastian
    • Views over Santander
    • Old town of Bilbao
    • Adhorn the famous Camino shell round your neck
    • Pilgrim sticks you can grab along the way
    • The infamous Camino camaraderie on trail
    • Pilgrim sticks you can grab along the way
    • Adhorn the famous Camino shell on your pack
    • Spend time in Gijon
    • Camino del Norte coastal sections
    • Spicy chilli's air drying in the evening sun
    • Tiny orange mushrooms on a fallen tree
    • Basque regions have a proud heritage and culture
    • Find the best tapas whilst on the Camino
    • Stunning Basque beaches and coastline
    • Explore the foody have of San Sebastian
    • Vast landscapes in the distance
    • Waymarking on the fence keeps you on track
    • Walking through coastal paths of the early stages
    • The incredible incredible Basque Coast Geopark
    • Guggenheim Museum is worth a visit in Bilbao
    41 Days 8 Tours

    Camino del Norte

    Walk from San Sebastian along the north coast of Spain to Santiago de Compostela.
    From $875.00
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6 Reasons To Pick Pilgrimages

Still unsure? Here are 6 reasons why your next adventure should be a Pilgrimage


Designed Just For You

These routes are often a personal journey of some sort, but whatever the reason, we design your trip to accommodate you.


Strangers Today, Friends Tomorrow

Share travel tips and new discoveries with like-minded adventurers you may meet along the way. They might be acquaintances for a day or become future friends.


Convenience included

We want your trip to run like clockwork, so once you’ve chosen your route, date and duration, we do the rest. From accommodation and bag transfers to logistics and personal recommendations. No need to lift a finger.


We've got you!

Have all the route info and maps in the palm of your hand with our pre-departure packs and app (no internet signal needed). And we’re here for you 24/7 just in case you need us.


Tried and tested itineraries

Our trips have been built with our knowledge and expertize and we can make recommendations based on our first-hand experiences. Must-visit foodie spots, secret vantage points, you get the idea.


It's an achievement

Finish feeling accomplished, and ready for the next journey. That’s another dream checked off your list!

More Pilgrimage Tour Recommendations

Like what you see so far? Here's more of the good stuff!

    • Melrose Abbey
    • A sunny day on St Cuthberts Way
    • Visit St Cuthberts cave
    • Leaving Melrose
    • Crossing at low tide to the Holy Isle
    • Follow the cross way-markers along the trail
    • Walking through woodland on the way to Fenwick
    • An innovative shed in front of Lindisfarne Castle
    • Crossing the border on St Cuthberts Way
    • Lindisfarne Castle on Holy Island
    • Descending a wide open hill
    9 Days

    St Cuthbert's Way - 9 Days & 8 Nights

    Make the most of the journey, spend time exploring the region and savouring time outdoors.
    From $1,425.00
    • Custom camino signage always keeps you on track
    • Walk the final stage of the Camino Frances
    • The customary photo after reaching Santiago
    • The infamous Cathedral of Santiago de Compostella
    • Camaraderie and fun with fellow pilgrims
    • End with tapas and a beer in Santiago
    • Camino Frances is perfect for groups
    • Have fun on the Camino Frances!
    • Buen Camino!
    • Pilgrim staffs trail side
    8 Days

    Camino Final Stage - Sarria to Santiago - 8 Days

    Walk the last 100km of the Camino Frances from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela.
    From $875.00
    • The Eternal City of Rome
    • Walk the final section of the Via Francigena
    • Via Francigena waymarker
    • Hurrah - we almost made it, Rome in view
    • Via Appia Antica
    • Ancient Viterbo
    • Celebrating reaching Rome!
    • Monte Gelato Falls
    • Montefiascone
    • Many types of trails and routes make
    8 Days

    Via Francigena Final Stage: Montefiascone to Rome

    Walk the most popular final stage of the Via Francigena from Montefiascone to Rome
    From $1,305.00
    • ss-1500-Estaing
    • And-George-Middlemiss-Camino-Le-Puy-2-Georges
    • Waymarker
    • Camino Shells
    • Pont Valentre
    • Walking in the foothills of the Pyrenees
    • Bastide towns built during the Hundred Years War
    • Enjoy a French alfresco picnic
    • A pretty church in Auvillar
    • The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Pont Vieux
    38 Days

    Full Camino Le Puy Way

    Walk the Camino through France towards St Jean Pied de Port, absorbing local flavours and landscapes
    From $6,600.00
    • Cow grazing at waters edge in Asturias
    • Hiking on the Camino Primitivo
    • Entrance of Cathedral of St James-Santiago
    • Octopus drying in the sun
    • Pilgrims walking on the Camino
    • Samos Monastery in  Lugo
    • Symbol of St James
    • Chorizo cured ham tomatoes olive oil
    • Cathedral of Oviedo
    • Stop for a picture!
    • Archway in Oviedo Spain
    16 Days

    Camino Primitivo

    Enjoy tranquility and a more challenging Camino route, crossing the rugged landscapes of Asturias
    From $1,820.00
    • Monument dedicated to tradition of burning boots
    • Beautiful coastline at Cape Finisterre
    • The pretty Galician village of Nejeira
    • Santiago Cathedral
    • Walk on quiet country lanes through Galicia
    • Nearing the Cape
    • Camino staffs
    6 Days

    Camino Finisterre

    Walk to Cape Finisterre from Santiago de Compostela, completing your Camino journey.
    From $695.00
    • Pedal dirt tracks and roads along the way
    • Santiago Cathedral
    • Monte Gozo overlooking Santiago de Compostela
    • Work up an appetite for some tasty Spanish tapas
    • Follow the signposts from Leon to Santiago
    • Gaudi's Episcopal Palace
    • Pulpo ala Gallega with potatoes - Galician food
    • The lush Galician countryside
    • The cobbled streets of Rabanal-del-Camino
    • The iconic shell of the Camino
    8 Days

    Cycling Camino Frances: Leon to Santiago

    Complete the final stage of the ultimate European pilgrimage from León to Santiago de Compostela.
    From $1,285.00
    • The striking red mountains of Las Médulas
    • The terraced vineyards of Ribeira Sacra
    • The Knights Templar Castle of Ponferrada
    • Pass by plenty of historic monuments
    • The Romanesque church at Cereixo
    • The fortress town of Monforte de Lemos
    • The ancient village of Belasar
    • Enjoy amazing wines in the Ribeira Sacra
    • Landscapes are filled with deep canyons and rivers
    15 Days

    Camino Invierno

    Walk the Camino Invierno, a tranquil route to Santiago, through the Ribeira Sacra wine region.
    From $1,865.00
    • Spend time in the amazing city of Kyoto
    • Walk along infinite shrines
    • Walk through tranquil forest with gigantic trees
    • Taste delicious sushi
    • Tanuki at the door protecting the house
    • Temples are everywhere. Don't forget to visit one!
    • Narai of the 1000 inns
    • Geishas around Gion
    • Cobbled path winding through the Nakasendo
    • Explore the wonderful modern city of Tokyo
    10 Days

    Nakasendo Trail - Kyoto to Tokyo

    Combine Kyoto and Tokyo with a walk on the ancient Nakasendo Trail.
    From $4,975.00

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